Retired UCLA Nurse Savings Replaces Pulled Sponsorship - Allows "See a Nurse/Thank a Nurse” Challenge to Proceed

Lines of nurses dressed for COVID-19 screening -- Photo by Ron MacArthur/photographer at Cape-Gazette

Split photo of nurse Pamela Jane Nye, Operation Scrubs' Executive Director

Nurse Pamela Jane Nye, Operation Scrubs' Executive Director

Operation Scrubs "thanks" COVID-19's front-line nurses - today's unsung heroes of healthcare / Photo by Ron MacArthur/Cape-Gazette

"See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Challenge" Gives Opportunity for America's Public to Unite and Collectively Thank 3.8+ Million Unsung Hero Nurses.

And now, more than ever, your simple ‘thank you’ to any nurse would be, at a minimum, Priceless!”
— Pamela Jane Nye
MALIBU, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, April 3, 2020 / -- Consider this an invitation for all of America to come together in one united "See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse!" Challenge. I'm Pamela Jane Nye, a nurse, and here's how:

Accepting Operation Scrubs' "See a "Nurse? Thank a Nurse!" Challenge:
• You see a nurse - you say “thank you” to the nurse and enjoy their reaction. Then,
• You share what you did with two family members, friends, or co-workers and invite them to do the same. Then,
• You reflect and be proud for having made a difference to a very appreciative nurse; And then,
• You share your united “thank you” support with America’s 3.8+ million nurses by posting your name, hometown, and occupation on the Operation Scrubs' “I Thanked a Nurse” registry website!

And here's why:

So much has been written weeks about COVID-19. I’ll mention it, but I’m more concerned with those nurses who still bring themselves to work every day despite it. They truly are the everyday unsung, boots-on-the-ground, frontline combatants. Are they afraid? Of course, they are. Give a nurse a box of candy, flower bouquet or pizza for lunch is nice. But, what really keeps them motivated is an acknowledgment that what they’re doing makes a difference to you. And now, more than ever, your simple ‘thank you’ to any nurse would be, at a minimum, Priceless!

Nurses are the ones who walk the darkened hallways in the middle of the night while everyone sleeps. Nurses are the ones who arise in the dark of morning, put on their scrubs, grab a to-go cup of coffee to sustain themselves for a full day ahead of medications, doctors, deadlines, and anxious families. Nurses see people at their worst, sick, hurt, and in pain; they do their best to relieve suffering, physical and emotional, wherever they find it.

Nurses are also the ones with a knack for quieting a crying toddler, soothing a seriously ill patient’s fear, and opening a difficult conversation about the ‘what if’s’ of a disease or injury. And sometimes that reassuring voice or a gentle touch of a trusted nurse can be more therapeutic than procedures and medications they receive.

What makes nurses healthcare combatants? They use their scientific minds, coupled with the passion they feel about a duty that brings them to a hospital or clinic every day. Anyone who has ever loved a nurse knows exactly what I mean.
So, if you have a nurse in your life or have known the gentle, efficient care of a nurse, or even if you haven’t, now is the perfect time to make your nurse-supporting statement to our country and it’s 3.8+ million nurses - a statement saying, “We trust you. We care for you. We need you. And we have your back."

COVID-19 and sponsorship support loss aside, I believed providing tuition-free nurse continuing education by webcasts combined with the "See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse" Challenge was still possible. So I chose to personally underwrite the costs and make whatever adjustment necessary to do both with CDC compliance. Currently, my cost-underwriting covers all venue, logistics, and related webcast production expenses. Also, symposium instructors, venue and production staff are still on-board to participate under then-current CDC guidelines.

DISCLOSURE: To help reduce and possibly recovers these costs, I have opened and contributed $1,000 to start a GoFundMe campaign. Less the GoFundMe fee, 100% of this revenue goes towards the See A Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Challenge and its related nurse education symposium and webcast. Any surplus revenue goes towards my existing nurse education scholarship trust established in collaboration with and administered by the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association Donor Advised Fund.

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