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Rick Littlefield Penning Two Books Detailing Observations and Insights Gained Through Experience at Robin Hood Camp

Robin Hood Camp owner Rick Littlefield uses his experience running a celebrated summer camp to write insightful books on education, interviews, and more.

CARMEL, CALIFORNIA, US, March 26, 2020 / -- For nearly a hundred years, Rick Littlefield and his father before him have been the sole operators of Robin Hood Camp, an exciting summer program praised for its world-class offerings and professional oversight. Today, children from more than 40 countries around the world spend their summers in the rurals of Maine where the camp is located. 

“We offer campers a range of activities, sports, and excursions that are each led by top professionals from their industries,” says Rick Littlefield. “Parents who allow their children to attend Robin Hood Camp know their kids will receive top instruction that will help develop lifelong traits and skills. It’s a very unique program that allows our campers to take their scheduling into their own hands and determine what activities they’ll participate in during their stay and at what level.”

Before children are accepted into the summer camp program, each child is first personally interviewed by Rick Littlefield to determine eligibility. This has led him to dozens of countries where he weeds out the kids who are troublemakers or on the fence about going from those campers who would take full advantage of all the perks the camp has to offer. 

Because he’s performed such interviews for decades, he’s developed a thorough understanding of the best methods for interviewing children and discovering underlying facts without it feeling harsh or calculated. In his 45-year career, Rick Littlefield has interviewed more than 7,500 children across the globe, and he has put together his observations and insights into a new book called How to Interview Children.

“Adult interviews are vastly different from those focused on children, which require alternative approaches, tones, specific understanding and more to be successful,” says Rick Littlefield. “I’ve chronicled my own experiences and the techniques I’ve developed in this new book to help interviewers in similar positions learn how to communicate with kids and observe optimally.”

Additionally, Rick Littlefield is also using his decades of experience working with children and their families internationally to write another book entitled Contrasting Educational Systems and Parenting Philosophies Around the World. The work will cover more than his experience interviewing kids and parents to include perceptions and anecdotes gained through interviewing educators and mental health professionals from around the world.

“Each of these books will distill my personal experiences into relatable accounts that share what I’ve learned over the years with the masses,” says Rick Littlefield. “Through them, I hope that more professionals will have a better understanding of child psychology during interviews and how varying world philosophies and educational approaches are instilled in children today.” 

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