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Alastair Caithness, Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor, announces urgent need for AmeriCoin development and rollout due to COVID-19

Ziyen Energy's experience in the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets to be replicated on a larger scale utilizing all the assets of the Federal government, including its substantial land, energy, gold, timber and mineral reserves

SAN DIEGO, March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- In his first public statement Alastair Caithness, Chief Blockchain Policy Advisor for AmeriCoin announces,

“I urge the US Federal government to immediately accelerate the development of AmeriCoin.”

AmeriCoin is a cornerstone pillar of the American Localization platform of the leading 2020 Libertarian Party Presidential candidate, Adam Kokesh.

Caithness is a recognized leader in the development of asset-backed, blockchain tokens. Originally from Scotland, Caithness is CEO of Ziyen Energy, a technology-driven company focused on the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets. Under Caithness’ leadership, in 2019 Ziyen Energy launched ZiyenCoin, an energy infrastructure token utilizing blockchain technology as a catalyst to facilitate the transition in energy from carbon-based fuels to renewable energy.

Caithness stated,

“The United States is the richest nation on earth.  While this incredible wealth is currently held by the Federal government in the form of land, energy, mineral and timber reserves, these assets belong to the American citizens and should be distributed to them immediately.  It is unfathomable that our government and economy run on the basis of a manipulated fiat currency.  The very essence of AmeriCoin is the tokenization of the vast wealth of the Federal government and the distribution of this wealth to American citizenry” said Caithness.  He continued, “The American citizens are facing an unparalleled challenge due to the explosion of illness and death from COVID-19. They need the resources that rightfully belong to them to survive.  The Federal government is an instrumentality of the American people but is withholding this wealth from them.  Doling it out in $1,000 increments is a small stop gap but will ultimately prove insufficient and illuminates the peril that the Federal government presents.”

Addressing the technical development of AmeriCoin, Caithness reported “Our experience developing ZYEN, the leading platform for the tokenization of energy infrastructure assets, has taught us that tokenization of assets is an extraordinarily powerful device to unlock value in real assets by converting them to tokenized stores of value.  The distribution and transfer of AmeriCoin, in any denomination, can occur instantaneously on a blockchain.  This blockchain will be 100% transparent and can be maintained by any tech giant including IBM, Microsoft, Oracle or Amazon.  The basic principle is straight forward, AmeriCoin turns the wealth of our great nation into a monetary unit held and controlled by the American people – not the Federal Reserve, the IRS and the Federal government. Issues of wealth inequality, basic income and reparations can all be addressed by this much needed wealth distribution.”

Adam Kokesh has stated that he intends to distribute an equal number of AmeriCoins to all American US citizens on his first day in office.  Caithness and his team intend to press forward on the development of AmeriCoin as this important policy is more relevant and necessary than ever before.

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