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Used Car Buyer Leads ... Combat Coronavirus downturn in Dealership Store traffic

Car Zoo and Canada Auto Finance will keep the sales team within dealerships active and busy, and to keep up morale of car buyer leads

TORONTO, March 18, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The Coronavirus is taking an unprecedented toll on both private and business levels.

As car buyers are reluctant to visit dealerships, Car Zoo and Canada Auto Finance have received a large volume of calls to provide leads as an ability to keep the sales team within dealerships active and busy, and to keep up morale. So far we are seeing strong results and we are certainly seeing more activity on the internet in this manner as a large portion of the population is home and interacting on the computer.

Our company will continue to do our best for the dealership – recognizing however that on a daily basis, media buys, ads and traffic fluctuate immensely.

If your dealership needs Car Zoo and Canada Auto Finance to help with car buyer leads, we can promise to try. Our company will keep operating as best as we can to help the dealership. Be safe and be kind.

We offer two programs with details below;

  1. VIN Lead Generation (synchronized to your pre-owned inventory)
  2. Auto Financing Lead Generation. 
  3. VIN Lead Generation

Car Zoo Media, an Automotive Digital Lead Agency, is connecting active in market car buyers to a dealerships pre-owned inventory by VIN# with programming intelligence and technology or with auto financing leads with a car loan lead portal.

No more 3rd party leads from endemic websites – that close poorly and kill the morale of your sales team. No more paying for media showcasing your inventory – while at the same time the car buyer can browse and choose from any vehicle at a glance from competition inventory.

Disrupt another dealership’s audience as the active car buyer audience sees only your inventory - NEVER - any competition inventory.

Car Zoo removes a dealership from overpaying for lukewarm 3rd party leads, to procuring active car buyer 1st party leads that will covert to sales, moving inventory exponentially and increasing dealership profit. The car buyer lead is specific to a vehicle, therefore generating more sales by streamlining the car buying process and length of time it takes to complete a purchase.

In real-time to a dealership CRM, high intent 1rst party leads are sent, in market car buyers who take 5- 8 steps in providing their contact info with vehicle of interest details. This active car buyer wants immediate contact from your sales team about a vehicle they are already familiar with and interested in pursuing to buy.

No More 3rd Party Leads

This product is the pre-owned game changer every dealership is looking for. The quality of customer we are seeing coming through the door is stronger than ever…a customer who is ready to buy.

Local In-Market Car Buyers

Strategically deliver your inventory to shoppers most likely to buy (In-Market, Owners, and Model-Line targeting once they click the vehicle of interest), delivering proactive In-Market Car Buyers, driving VIN-Specific Leads directly into your CRM.

The Dealership receives, in real time:

  • The car buyers’ first and last name
  • Email address 
  • Primary phone number
  • The postal code to ensure a match to the pre-selected geographic territory chosen by the dealership
  • The vehicle VIN number, the vehicle’s make, model and year, color, list price and odometer reading
  • A high intent lead for the sales person or business development team

We convert the contact submissions into ADF/XML format and instantly drive the active car buyer lead to any dealer’s CRM.

With success, retention and accountability, we assist dealerships and grow their market sectors and revenue streams for direct response results tied to the ROI equation.

We are a Canadian footprint agency that yields success for doing things intelligently and the right way with business etiquette and integrity.

      2.     Canada Auto Finance Subprime Car Loan Lead Generation

Canada Auto Finance (CAF) strategically operates multiple Auto Loan and Car Finance lead portals that receive inquiries from car shoppers who need to investigate auto financing -- if your team is interested in inquiries not specific to any vehicle.

These leads shorten the sales cycle so that you can concentrate on generating loan approvals and deliver more cars.

• All leads are exclusive to your dealership.

To learn more visit

So in a nutshell, each of the two lead programs is distinctly unique from another with different initiatives and parameters to consider. Both are successful and return an ROI.

Jeff Goodfield
Cody Montana Media Inc.

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