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Marquita Payne Frisco: What It is Like to be a Millennial Christian

FRISCO, TEXAS, USA, March 16, 2020 / -- As American society changes and grows more diverse, people are becoming increasingly secular. What does this mean to Christian millennials? Marquita Payne Frisco weighs in.

Frisco, TX / EIN / March 16, 2020 / Christianity continues to be one of the most significant religions in the world, especially in the United States. Throughout the US' history, Christians have been a major political power, though in recent years, that political power has been waning. This can be attributed to a loss of interest in religion across the board, but millennial Christians are also grappling with an increasingly polarizing political landscape that Christianity ties into pretty strongly. With that said, what does that mean for millennial Christians? Marquita Payne Frisco examines the beliefs they hold, and why.

Marquita Payne Frisco: What do Millennial Christians Believe?
While Christian millennials are a smaller demographic than Christians in older age groups, suffice it to say, millennial Christians are still a significant percentage of millennials, Marquita Payne Frisco notes. Yet, it is also apparent that different Christian age groups may hold pretty significantly different belief systems. You may find strife between Christian millennials and Christian boomers, as in general, millennial Christians tend to be more progressive and be less stringent about their faith, according to Marquita Payne Frisco. As an example, millennial Christians are not as 'into' evangelical Christianity as older generations. Evangelical Christians are starting to age out of significance; in 1998, around 50 percent of Evangelical Christians were over 50, and this number has risen to 60 percent in 2018. This was spurred by a migration away from Evangelical Christianity by younger generations, starting particularly with millennials. Marquita Payne Frisco notes that the shift is so fast and significant that it's estimated that Christians are believed to not be the majority of voters in 2024.

Marquita Payne Frisco: What can Older Generations do to Win Millennials Back?
For as much as older Christians, Evangelical or otherwise, may complain about millennials failing to come to Christianity, but the truth of the matter is, convincing people to be Christian is kind of a two-way street. One cannot complain about a lack of interest if not enough is done to earn that interest. Marquita Payne Frisco notes that one thing that discourages millennials from becoming Christians is the difference in political beliefs. Millennials tend to be much further to the left than boomers as well. This not only reduces the number of people identifying as Christian among this age group, but also the number who identify as more conservative subsets like Evangelist. The overwhelming support for President Donald Trump by Evangelists was an example of a discouraging factor for millennials, one that has proven even more discouraging for gen z, which Marquita Payne Frisco notes is the least Christian generation in American history.

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