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EZ Lap Pool

EZ Pools - the Better Portable Pool

Introducing “The Stay-at-Home Build-It-Yourself Pool for Daily Vacations”

Our mission at is to offer easy and affordable swimming pools for everyone in the world to enjoy.”
— Simon LeCree

LAGUNA NIGUEL, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 12, 2020 / -- The US government has issued a travel ban. Flights are being cancelled. Gatherings, sporting events, even schools are being cancelled all in the name of caution. agrees that it is important to keep your family safe - but don’t cancel your vacation. Instead have a “Staycation”. For a fraction of the cost of a traditional in-ground pool, customers can enjoy a full-size swimming pool in the safety and privacy of their own backyard - in a matter of hours not months.

“Ever pool we make is made to order” states Sales Manager Simon LeCree. “Customers decide the length, width and even the color. It is the natural evolution of the portable pool.”

In the 1980s, when the portable pool was first introduced, the idea of a swimming pool being portable was an oxymoron. But the product quickly grew due to its ease of assembly and much more forgiving flexibility. As the ‘80s moved into the ’90s, big box retailers of portable pools made in China overtook the market. The product was so retail prevalent; certain times of the year, you could walk into a grocery store and walk out with a complete swimming pool package for the kids.

Fast forward forty years, and we discover the portable pool has matured into a viable alternative to the more restrictive and expensive in-ground pools. EZ Pool Products has remained dedicated to the simplistic design of the first portable pools but has broadened the offering to include some amazing backyard solutions. Based in US and using only American made components, EZ Pools are indeed a unique breed among the swimming pool competition. Perusing their customer testimony website, one quickly realizes this is not your cheap grocery-store pool - but a well made traditional swimming pool alternative.

“Customer’s always love showing off their ideas and handiwork” explains Simon. “Some keep it basic with the pool as their focus, others go all out with decking, landscaping, and much more.”

The basic concept is quite easy and affordable. Take some measurements of your yard to determine how big of a pool you want, then either call them, or you may find everything you want on their very detailed website. There you will find tips on ground preparation for more exhaustive backyard make-overs and tips on building a deck around it. You can even choose from a variety of colors. “We had one customer request an orange lap pool” explains Simon. “The customer had a daycare for special needs children, and the color orange was pleasing to them.” The idea of a big pool, small pool, orange pool or even a hot pink pool is not outside the realm EZ Pools has made.

“We really enjoy being a part of the ingenuity our customers share every year.” Finishes Simon. With summer fast approaching, and many people choosing a stay-at-home “staycation”, a do-it-yourself portable pool from might be the best-paid vacation out there.

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