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Nationwide Regional Playoffs begin this Weekend

The quest to qualify for next season’s second tier KRU ( Championship begins in earnest with the commencement of the playoffs across the regional conferences that make up the third tier Nationwide league.

Nairobi MKU Nairobi will take on Hurricanes while Shamas Rugby Foundation are up against Co-operative University. Administration Police Warriors welcome Dagoretti Bulldogs to their Utawala base.Swara play host to Daystar Falcons.

Central JKUAT Cougars host Nanyuki Jackals as Kiambu play Chuka Vikings. Embu are at home to Zetech with MKU Thika hosting Meru.

Rift Valley Kitale and Moi University are already assured of a place in their regional semifinal and will await the winners of the clashes pitting Kabarak against Nakuru KITI and the Molo-Nandi clash.

Collated Regional quarterfinal fixtures Nairobi Region QF 1 = A1 vs B4 (MKU Nairobi vs Hurricanes) 3pm UON QF 2 = B1 vs A4(Shamas Foundation vs Cooperative University) 3pm KCB QF 3 = A2 vs B3 (Administration Police vs Dagoretti Bulldogs) 3pm Utawala QF 4 = B2 vs A3 (Swara vs Daystar Falcons) 11am Impala

Central Region QF 1 = 1 vs 8(JKUAT vs Nanyuki Jackals) 3pm JKUAT QF 2 = 2 vs 7(Kiambu vs Chuka Vikings) 3pm KU QF 3 = 3 vs 6(Embu RFC vs Zetech University) 3pm Embu Poly QF 4 = 4 vs 5(MKU Thika vs Meru RFC) 3pm MKU Thika

Rift Valley QF 1 = 1 vs 8 Kitale 28 KPA Eldoret 0 QF 2 = 2 vs 7(Kabarak University vs Nakuru KITI) 3pm Nakuru KITI QF 3 = 3 vs 6 Moi University 28 Laikipia University 0 QF 4 = 4 vs 5(Molo RFC vs Nandi RFC) 3pm Molo Sec

Western QF 1 = 1 vs 8(Maseno University vs Webuye ) 1pm Maseno (tbc) QF 2 = 2 vs 7(Citam Kisumu vs Mbale RFC) 3pm Maseno QF 3 = 3 vs 6(MMUST II vs Bungoma RFC) 3pm Masinde QF 4 = 4 vs 5(Jaramogi University vs Vihiga Granites) 3pm Jaramogi

Coast Semis SF 1 =Technical University Of Mombasa vs SC Buccaneers 2pm MSC SF 2 =Malindi RFC vs Shepherds RFC 4pm Malindi Sec

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