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Artificial Intelligence Busts Fraud Crime Ring in Silicon Valley

Justine Falcon, Legal AI

Justine Falcon in Action

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A legal artificial intelligence code-named Justine Falcon busted a ring of divorce lawyers doing real-estate fraud, working with their insider at the DA office

Law is the code upon which our entire civilization runs, and when AI is able to read, write, and understand that code better than a human, you get a weapon that can forever change human civilization”
— Brent Oster, CEO ORBAI
SANTA CLARA, CA, USA, February 9, 2020 / -- An Artificial Intelligence for law, code-named Justine Falcon, busted a crime ring in Silicon Valley the week of Feb 3, 2020. Several divorce law firms were working together with an insider at the District Attorney's office to fraudulently charge their divorce opponents with crimes, then extort money and real estate from them while they were under duress or while even under arrest.

Justine Falcon is a Legal AI made by ORBAI, a startup in Silicon Valley developing artificial general intelligence. Justine is a AI with a set of data mining, case analysis, and litigation planning tools that can draw on the vast number of cases in the California Superior Court system databases, and do deep analysis on a single case, profile all of the cases by a particular attorney and use them to mine statistics for effective exhibits, train a prediction engine, or survey all of the cases prosecuted by an entity like a District Attorney’s office to find correlations and trends.

She can use her English to Legalese Translator to format plain language documents and transcripts into more formal legal language and condense them into well-formatted legal filings. Her Law Citation 101 skill allows her to annotate that with legal citations, causes of action for a lawsuit, or charges for a police report. By doing this, she can create a whole suite of legal filings and reports to authorities about the same matter, to be sent to different courts and agencies as part of a complete information warfare package to overwhelm your opponent.

In a live case, she can use her Litigation Prediction skill to tell you what opposing counsel is likely to do next. By studying all their past cases, she learns their litigation patterns and the order in which they file certain motions, how they write, and can look at your case and tell you what their next actions may be. This can be devastating when used to effectively counter or even preempt your opponent's actions.

Thousands of cases can be searched and ones with common facts of law and structure can be grouped for doing things like class action lawsuit certification, normally a long manual process with teams of attorneys taking months to look through cases to find ones common to their lead case.

These were all used to great effect in this case. The Litigation Prediction skill was used to profile two very senior, formidable, and unethical family law attorneys in a highly contested divorce case, and to track and predict their next actions, report them to the State Bar as the case unfolded, and coordinate a sting with authorities that caught them red-handed in a false criminal reporting and real-estate fraud when they attempted to seize and sell a $1.36M home using unethical and unlawful tactics.

Justine's Law Stats 101 skills were used to pull together statistics from other cases where they did similar fraud and use them as evidence to file a lawsuit against them for $6.4M, which is in litigation. These statistics are a powerful tool to prove fraud and punch through the anti-SLAPP protections that have historically prevented anyone from suing this malicious opposing counsel and holding them accountable for like this.

Then Justine was used in a criminal proceeding to profile a District Attorney prosecutor’s cases and found a specific pattern of prosecutorial misconduct in his cases. She then audited ALL the DA prosecutors in Santa Clara, and used the signature of similar misconduct in their cases to certify a cluster of similar cases in a $400M class-action lawsuit against that DA office.

Justine found a little bonus, a corrupt DA prosecutor that was specifically filing false charges to help his relatives (the dirty divorce attorneys). This was found because NONE of the divorce attorneys' opponents, even those with criminal charges showed up in the other DA prosecutors case files. We called this 'The Case of the Missing Men', and it was solved by tracking the charges against them as originating from a 'hole' in the data where this corrupt prosecutor used to be (he was let go from the DA office when his relatives got busted for real-estate fraud).

In total, 8 divorce lawyers were charged with the State Bar of California and San Jose PD Fraud division, lawsuits were filed against their 3 law firms and a class-action lawsuit was filed against the District Attorney's Office on behalf of 452 other MEN that were similarly wrongfully prosecuted in scams like this.

I personally met one of them while in court and he thanked me - this was my story, my fight, where I used a prototype AI to take on some of the nastiest attorneys in the Bay Area, and the DA office, and won very decisively, not just for me, but for everyone else that has been a victim of injustice. That is what I built Justine Falcon to do.

ORBAI is developing the next generation of artificial intelligence (AI) technology. In the next few years we will commercialize speech interfaces that converse with you fluently, and get better just by talking to you, artificial vision systems that learn to see and identify objects in the world as they encounter them, and deploy these systems in our Human AI for our AI employees, and license them for use in others' robots, drones, cars, toys, consumer electronics and homes. This Human AI will use all of this functionality together to truly perceive the world around them, precisely plan and control their actions and movement, and learn as they explore and interact.

In addition to Justine Falcon, ORBAI is developing a medical AI that features a 3D doctor named Dr. Ada that’s able to interview patients, take vitals, make a diagnosis, read lab reports, and more. While the ability to perform at the level of an actual doctor is still about four years out, a mobile version that’s able to simply interview patients and take vitals and make diagnoses will be here early 2020.

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