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PROVIDENCE, RHODE ISLAND, USA, February 6, 2020 / -- Caduceus Software Systems (ticker symbol CSOC), listed on the, has recently filed for a patent. It is Submitted to the Canadian IP Office. The patent relates to new application of Blockchain technology which is useful for everyday life. The patent explains a mechanism and process that uses blockchain technology to significantly reduce fake news #fakenews around the world, and also reward those that make real news #realnews -- whether it be community or national or international news -- with cryptocurrency tokens. The intentional of making this cryptocurrency, is to create an ecosystem ( forward looking). CSOC plans on owning the ecosystem, and wants to be a player in #realnews . The ecosystem hopes (forward looking) to make revenue by sending out news on RSS and Internet dissemination. CSOC hopes (forward looking) to sell its real news and pictures and media that it gets from its users. Classic news dissemination services are Bloomberg, Reuters, and media disseminators are YouTube, CBS, CNN, Getty images.

Research done by CSOC members, Richard & Anna Tang, and Erwin, have found that cryptocurrency is not backed by anything tangible. What is meant by "tangible" is that tokens and coins are generally created by high powered machines that consume lots of electricity, just for the sake of making a new block in the blockchain. It isn't "backed" by "usefulness". CSOC plans (forward-looking) to use its Real News coins in a different way -- wear people need to earn coins by submitted real news and real media. This aims to give the tokens some worth and usefulness for the world.

CSOC wants to start this process manually first. It wants to create an email to receive real news, online forms to accept media and real news, and online forms to identify fake news, and a voting system. This is a "huge" undertaking, whether it is streamlined by cryptocurrency blockchain, or manually. It wants to have a huge repository of useful news, so it aims to become a news source itself. It could look like a "real-time" wikipedia of facts and news events, but we do not know how it will unfold.

We at CSOC are calling upon the public for infrastructure help, technical expertise, and online storage companies to help us, and we will share our concept and plans in place, and share our revenues with anyone that can help us achieve this goal. For now please email if you can help.

As you (the audience) can see from this news release, we are very open to ask for help and open to share in our potential revenues. Being a new and reputable news source is a serious matter, and we do not wish to have extreme opinionated news so that it is deemed "ultra-right wing" or "extreme-left-wing" or partisan. This is a worldwide effort to create the best news for the world.

There will be news updates (forward-looking), that will explain our progress and plan to those we select as proper helpers and long-term supporters and developers.

CSOC thanks the general audience and its shareholders for being patient with us. We do not issue news until our intent and plans can be executable and is something that we can "tackle".

Richard Tang
President, Caduceus Software Systems Corp.

About The Company

Caduceus Software Systems Corp is an innovation company. It develops software, software design assets and technical expertise to its clients. The term, Caduceus, is an ancient symbol of good business/commerce.

It has projects in technology currently, and has strategic alliances with the open source community.

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