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Credit Counsel, Inc. Reviews Methods to Prevent Fraud

Christopher Mihoulides, CEO of Credit Counsel, Inc., reveals steps to take to avoid fraudulent activity.

SOUTH FLORIDA, FLORIDA, USA, February 5, 2020 / --
If you’ve put in the time and effort into bolstering your credit score over the course of this past year (or longer), or even if you’ve been maintaining a healthy score for a while with no hiccups, you would probably be absolutely devastated in the event of your score plummeting as the result of identity theft or fraud. Of course, it’s not your fault if you’re the victim of a crime such as this, but your credit score can take a hit nonetheless. If you’re the victim of a fraudulent crime, you’ll want to contact the credit agencies as soon as you possibly can in order to rectify the damage. However, the damage done by a criminal to your credit score may not be so easily fixed: you could potentially spend days, or even months, trying to set the record straight with all three credit agencies and creditors.

Christopher Mihoulides, CEO and founder of Credit Counsel, Inc., doesn’t want anyone to have to go through a situation like this, although the unfortunate reality is that it affects hundreds of people every day—in fact, about every two seconds, there’s another new victim of identity theft. Luckily, some forms of fraud are on the downfall. While overall, steps have been taken against fraud with great results (the emergence of EMV chip-based cards has somewhat halted the proliferation of card skimmers, for example), you could still be at risk from scammers and criminals in a number of other ways. Christopher Mihoulides of Credit Counsel, Inc. shares the following advice so that you can protect yourself as best as possible against the potential of fraud.

First, make sure your passwords are protected. This means not only having a hard-to-guess password that isn’t something like “admin” or “password123”, it means changing your passwords every so often in order to combat any data leaks that could have potentially compromised your information. Christopher Mihoulides of Credit Counsel, Inc. suggests utilizing a password manager in order to take advantage of not only their convenience—you won’t have to remember any passwords yourself—but also their ability to generate randomized passwords that are nigh-impossible to crack through usual methods.

You should also be taking basic privacy measures across all your social media accounts. Make sure your more personal information can only be seen by those who are your friends and not listed publically. Information gleaned from public profiles can be used in a variety of ways by fraudsters in order to gain access to your more secure profiles and accounts. Negate the risk completely by carefully going over your security settings on every single one of your publicly visible profiles. Also, on a related note, Christopher Mihoulides warns us to take extra care when clicking on external links sent to you via email or text message. It’s not enough to be wary of odd-looking senders, phishing schemes will often disguise themselves as reputable companies or even co-workers. Do your due diligence, and ensure that the link you’re about to follow is legitimate.

If you’re steadfast about following these pieces of advice, you’ll be going a long way toward protecting yourself against identity fraud.

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