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Having a conversation with a senior loved one about their capabilities is difficult. This piece may help foster better communications with your loved one.

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Many seniors are distressed regarding their advancing age and fear that they will lose their independence or be forced to move out of their homes. In-home care can help allay these fears allowing seniors to live independently in their homes. A caregiver comes into the home for as little as few hours a day or depending on their needs, 24-hour care may be appropriate.

The precious gift of independence started for most seniors when they were in their late teenage years. Now they fear the loss of their independence, and that loss seems to be looming closer on the horizon. They are hesitant to change a lifetime’s worth of habits and are reluctant to part with the freedom they have enjoyed.

For most seniors, illnesses prompt a re-evaluation of their present daily routines. Overcoming health obstacles creates a change in their dietary, health, and mental observances. Where cooking might once have been a great joy, arthritis has made opening jars and handling heavy cookware a difficult task. Taking walks, climbing the stairs, and using the stove can be frightful to them.

Performing daily tasks and chores are sometimes overlooked or forgotten altogether, Scheduling errands, doctor’s appointments, and then remembering to follow through may be daunting tasks that months ago were easily achieved. Your loved one may be aware of his or her limitations but is reluctant to mention them to anyone forcing you and your family to watch for signs of trouble.

You constantly worry that your loved one will be hurt while trying to cook or that they will forget to turn off the stove, which can cause a fire severely injuring them (or worse) or hurting the neighbors. You worry about them falling and lying on the floor for hours or even days. You worry about having to take the car from them. You may have noticed damage to the car that started with minor dents and scratches, but now the damage is getting worse. You are distraught and worried about your loved one.

The final straw for your loved one may be the loss of their driving abilities, either due to weakening eyesight or slower reflexes due to age or illness. Without the car, they are no longer mobile and can lose a large part of their independence. They don’t tell you about there driving problem, and they may even deny it altogether.

Seniors who are having a difficult time establishing new routines for these issues may benefit from having conversations with their doctor or other professionals who can assist in their daily care. But they are afraid to mention the problems fearing that the professional will report them, meaning they lose their driver’s license. You know that help is available for them, but whenever you brought the subject up, your loved ones wouldn’t listen, or they closed their minds.

You want to get them help. You don’t want your loved ones to lose their independence, but you do not have the time or are not in a position to drive them to these vital appointments. You have a problem leaving work to take them for a visit with a friend and other appointments. You know that bringing in a professional to provide your loved one with carefully planned and well thought out in-home care is a smart move. You are sure they do not need 24-hour care, but a few hours a day could really make a difference in the life of your loved one.

A thoughtful, intelligent professional caregiver could be the answer to your prayers. A caregiver can ease your loved one into the type of change that will benefit him or her greatly while reducing their stress and fears. A well trained and insured caregiver can provide caring and kind help, making your loved one’s life better.

You have questioned your loved one about their driving, which was not received well by them. You tell them about your fears and concerns about them driving. They tell you not to worry that everything is all right. But it isn’t all right. You know that they need help. Having a professional assess their in-home care needs and comfort them by explaining how they can help can provide a new outlook on the situation.

You have talked with their primary doctor and explained your concerns, but they only provided you with suggestions about getting them help. Getting help is a good plan, and the loved one can still control their independence you are told. You know that, but your loved one is resistant.

You bring in a care manager in from an agency to meet with your loved one. The care manager asks the right questions about what would make your loved one’s life easier. Your senior opens up and tells the manager exactly what they can do or don’t want to do.

The care manager speaks with your loved one and reinforces that the senior will not be losing their independence. They will be gaining a helper to assist them with the chores that are difficult for your loved one to accomplish.

The care manager explains what services are available to your loved one, and they discuss what they agree can help. The services are outlined and agreed upon.

Comfort Keepers® Can Help

Comfort Keepers in Marietta provides in-home care services to seniors based on that individual’s needs. Professionally trained and insured caregivers are matched with the senior, and they provide the agreed-upon services. Each client’s needs are different, and while some seniors receive in-home care services and help a few hours a week. Others may need 24-hour care in Marietta, OH, and your local Comfort Keepers Office can help you with whatever care needs your loved one needs.

Should you need in-home care in Marietta OH or the local area, please contact us today. We provide a free in-home assessment of your loved ones care needs. All of our at-home care services are available ala cart or as needed.

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