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Audi Still Sees Money In Sedans

Audi Still Sees Money In Sedans 3 Models Released Last Year To Strong Sales

COLUMBUS, OH, USA, February 4, 2020 / -- Lindsey Tinsley - Marketing Director
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Audi Still Sees Money In Sedans
3 Models Released Last Year To Strong Sales

Columbus, OH: Passenger car sales have been declining in the U.S. in favor of SUVs and crossover utility vehicles nationwide. However, this may be due to the existing sedans not meeting quality, versus a lack of demand for sedans. Audi has demonstrated this quite well, with a recent release of 3 brand new sedans. 2019 sales figures show that sedans are far from dead, even in the U.S.

In an interview, Sales and Marketing Head of Audi, Hildegard Wortmann, mentioned that globally, the demand for sedans is quite high. "My impression is that there's a little bit of a renaissance in certain parts of the world more than others," she noted. This concept is reinforced by sales in the U.S. For example:

● The Audi A6 has a sales increase of 69%.
● The Audi A7 has a sales increase of 29%.
● The Audi A8 has a sales increase of 85%.

While SUVs and crossovers served as 61% of total sales, there is still a preference for sedans among a certain market segment. “I'm glad we have both," Wortmann said of the continued plans. A lot of this has to do with consumers who want more fuel efficiency, or simply don’t need the added space or features you may get with an SUV.

A representative of Audi Columbus also added that “Keeping a wide selection of high-quality options is one of the hallmarks of the Audi brand. We will be happy to offer these and any other vehicles moving forward.”

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