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Purplefarm Genetics Executes Partnership Agreement With WTTEC

EDWARDSBURGH, Ontario, Jan. 29, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Purplefarm Genetics Inc. ("Purplefarm Genetics"), a privately-held cannabis company, is pleased to announce a partnership agreement with WTTEC Systems Inc. (“WTTEC”) to adopt patented, next-generation waste disposal technologies in its facility, the first of its kind in Canada.

“We are truly excited about partnering with WTTEC, a company with the ability to reinvent the way the cannabis industry approaches its environmental impact,” said Jonah Clifford, Director at Purplefarm Genetics. “As the cannabis market in Canada matures, we can clearly see the need for innovative solutions to environmental problems within cannabis operations. Environmental stewardship in cannabis can no longer be optional, it is an ethical obligation.”

“The amount of landfill waste the cannabis industry produces is exorbitant and unsustainable. There is a clear need to develop better solutions,” said Jacob Brown, President of WTTEC. “We are proud to be implementing, in partnership with Purplefarm Genetics, the first cannabis waste disposal system in Canada that effectively and cleanly eliminates all organic and non-organic waste which in turn, diverts 100% of all materials from landfills.”

WTTEC’s patented technology converts cannabis waste into biochar, while scrubbing particle emissions through a two-stage process. This process sequesters carbon while producing a rich bioproduct that is able to be reintroduced to cultivation processes, closing the loop. This process is compliant with Health Canada’s regulations requiring cannabis to be denatured. The technology will significantly reduce costs of disposal and streamline operations. The technology is environmentally conscious and does not utilise water, chemical or biological treatment in its process.

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