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Buying insurance for protection is a wise decision. Unfortunately, some insurance companies may try to deny or not pay a claim and do not act in good faith.

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You bought a policy to be covered, but the insurance company is delaying or not paying your claim.

Buying insurance to protect you, your loved ones or your property is a wise decision. Unfortunately, some insurance companies try to shirk their responsibilities and do not act in good faith when dealing with their policyholders at the time of a claim.

Dealing with an insurance claim can be frustratingly annoying and costly when an insurance company acts with bad faith insurance.

Many people need help when dealing with the people within the insurance company to get the claim paid out fairly and according to the terms of the policy. If you think that you are alone, don’t think it.

Consumers and businesses across Pennsylvania regularly search the internet looking for quality bad faith insurance lawyers to help them deal with insurance company claims.

This article provides examples of insurance bad faith while answering the question of what is bad faith in insurance.

Every day people like yourself are dealing with insurance companies that may be dealing in insurance bad faith and not paying out claims properly. In fact, “Insurance bad faith” is a highly searched term by consumers and businesses. Thousands of times a month, the search engines deliver up search results from people believing that their insurance companies are not properly helping them or not paying a claim.

Bad faith in insurance refers to claims brought to the insurance company by a policyholder where the insurance company appears to be stalling or not paying the claim properly.

FAQs - Frequently Asked Bad Faith Insurance Questions

Q - What is good faith and fair dealing?

Legally Insurance companies have a duty to act in good faith with those they insure. They are required to handle cases in an honest, fair, and efficient manner. This is what is referred to as an implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing.

Q - What options do I have if my company is not paying my claim?

If an insurance company violates this covenant by acting deceptively or maliciously to avoid fulfilling their contractual obligations, a policyholder can bring legal action against the company seeking compensation for the face value of their policy.

Q - What if my insurance company is being deceitful?
In some cases involving particularly malicious or intentional behavior, you may be able to receive a higher award or settlement.

Q - What should I do if I feel like my insurance company is dragging its feet in paying me my claim?

Document all contact with the insurance company. Keep written records of the employee name, their, Title, and the date of the contact?

Q - My insurance company is offering only to pay part of my claim what should I do?

Document all conversations and contact with the company. If they make an offer to settle your claim, ask for it in writing and contact a lawyer for legal options and advice.

Q - My accident is very recent, and the company has not responded.

Obviously, your insurance company needs time for the claims process. You should seek advice from an attorney immediately from a Personal Injury Attorney for advice and counsel.

Examples of bad faith insurance by insurance companies:

* Failing to acknowledge or reply upon notification of a covered claim in a timely manner

* Discounting, delaying, or denying payment without any legitimate basis

* Failing to properly investigate a claim, leading to a denial of coverage

*Attempting to settle a claim based on a policy that was altered without notifying the insured person or gaining their consent

*Requesting over burdensome documentation demands that a policy does not require

* Using fraudulent, illegal, or harassing investigational methods

* “Lowballing” the value of a claim without justification

* Failing to comply with industry standards

The insurance and personal injury lawyers of HGSK routinely advocate and help people and businesses that are involved in claims against insurance companies.

If you feel that an insurance company has mistreated you, or you have questions about your claim, contact the attorneys at Haggerty, Goldberg, Schleifer & Kupersmith, P.C. to see if you have grounds for an insurance bad faith claim or another claim.

The initial consultation is free, and the HGSK team is prepared to investigate your case and file a claim on your behalf.

Please call 267-350-6600 to speak with an experienced lawyer today.

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