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VeganNation Partnerships Up the Game in Sports Sustainability

Top-tier sports teams and hall-of-fame soccer athletes sign with world’s leading platform for vegan values and lifestyles

/EIN News/ -- RIO DE JANEIRO, Brazil, Jan. 16, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- VeganNation announced a new partnership with CR Vasco da Gama, one of Brazil’s top football teams. VeganNation’s long standing collaboration with CBF (Brazilian Football Confederation) is already working on systematically transitioning all major Brazilian leagues towards a sustainable reality. The growing list of sports partners forms the core of the VeganNation’s campaign to mobilize the sports industry to reduce its environmental impact. The social impact startup works with partners to promote the adoption of progressive and meaningful ecological policies in the sports world. 

Earlier this year, VeganNation signed partnership agreements with four other soccer teams, all strategically located in northern Brazil at the gates of the embattled Amazon Rainforest. Those teams include Remo, Paysandu, Iranduba, Nacional Club. VeganNation also recently partnered  with distinguished hall-of-fame athletes Cafu and Edmílson.

“Brazil leads the world in football and now we are embracing a leadership role in saving our precious rainforests, and transitioning towards a sustainable reality,” said CR Vasco da Gama president Alexandre Campello. “Our partnership with VeganNation is our first and perhaps most important step in taking personal and institutional responsibility to making our games plastic-free and sustainable.” 

The four major professional leagues in the U.S. (NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL) are estimated to generate approximately 35,000 metric tons of carbon dioxide (CO2) each year from their fans’ waste activities alone. The Super Bowl generates 40 tons of trash, while a sporting event like the London Marathon wastes seven tons of plastic at a single event.

Sports sustainability promotes policies such as encouraging and incentivizing recycling at games, placing recycle bins at select matches, and distribution of educational material regarding sustainable living to fans across the world. VeganNation is expanding its efforts in sports sustainability with ongoing negotiations with several Champion League teams in Europe and Asia. 

“Football fields have often been used as a yardstick for destruction, such as saying that three footballs fields of the Amazon are destroyed every minute,” said VeganNation CEO and founder Isaac Thomas. “Now, we are flipping the script, using football fields to actually ignite change, inspire millions of individuals and empower each of us to take action to save rainforests and indeed, the planet.”

VeganNation is building the world’s leading technological and financial platform to promote and support vegan values for people and organizations. Having identified specific areas of society that can maximize the company’s efforts to raise awareness of sustainability, VeganNation is leading the vegan movement into the sports world. VeganNation intends to capitalize on the inherent passion and dedication of sports fans to increase education, awareness and action for sustainable lifestyles.

"Transitioning sports teams to a sustainable reality has never been so important, and athletes as well as teams have the power to set an example for the next generation,” said Cafu (Marcos Evangelista de Morais), the former Brazilian soccer superstar and South American Footballer of the Year, while visiting VeganNation’s headquarters. “What I learned from the game is the skill of leadership and commitment to my position. I plan on bringing these two principles to VeganNation’s mission to help lead the sustainability movement forward.”

VeganNation’s latest partnership comes about as part of the organization’s continued efforts to help protect the Amazon Rainforest by raising awareness towards sustainable living amongst sports fans. Currently, VeganNation is responsible for conserving roughly 15,000 acres of the Amazon Rainforest, paid for with VeganCoin, the vegan community’s digital currency. 

About VeganNation
The VeganNation ecosystem unites individuals, businesses and organizations to discover, share and trade goods and services based on vegan values and lifestyles. Empowered by its VeganCoin currency, VeganNation is leading the vegan community with a sophisticated technology platform that enables a robust vegan economy to flourish.

VeganNation was founded by four childhood friends: Isaac Thomas, Yossi Rayby, Shneor Shapira, and Nati Giat. The company supports cruelty-free trade and promotes a vegan lifestyle and sustainable consumption. Visit the website at, download the VeganNation app on a smartphone, and follow the company on Twitter. Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube.

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Brazilian soccer superstar Cafu with VeganNation Team

Cafu with Isaac Thomas, VeganNation's founder and CEO, and Rena Thomas, Chief Development Officer, at VeganNation headquarters in Israel.
VeganNation Founders with Brazilian Soccer Superstar Cafu

VeganNation team with Cafu (L to R): Rena Thomas, Chief Development Officer; Nati Giat, CTO & Co Founder; Cafu; Isaac Thomas, Founder & CEO, VeganNation at VeganNation headquarters in Israel.
Paysandu Team Member Scores a Goal

Member of Brazilian team Paysandu, for which VeganNation is the primary sponsor, posing after a goal.
Brazilian Football Club Paysandu Sponsored by VeganNation

One of VeganNation's sponsored teams, Paysandu, a strategic team located at the entrance of the Amazon Rainforest where VeganNation leased 15,000 acres for conservation.
Remo and Paysandu Unite to Join Sports for Sustainability Movement

Remo vs. Paysandu, Brazil's fiercest rivals, joining in unity under the VeganNation sponsorship and joining the movement of Sports for Sustainability in Belem, Brazil