Operation Scrubs "No-Fee Continuing Education" a Big Benefit to 4-Million Nurses - Big Problem for Status Quo Providers

Unique nurse education setting aboard FantaSea One luxury yacht

inaugural Operation Scrubs launch 2019

FantaSea One - Official Venue of Operation:Scrubs

FantaSea One - Official Venue of Operation:Scrubs

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History 1974 - 2019

Pamela Jane Nye / Nursing Career Photo History (1974 - 2019)

"Anticipate the no-fee continuing nurse education concept as the future norm for hospitals and America’s 4-million registered nurses!" - Pamela Jane Nye

“This is an obvious big win for America’s hospitals and nurses nationwide; not-so-much for the lucrative fee-charging nurse education businesses.”
— Pamela Jane Nye, CEO/Board Chair of Operation Scrubs, Inc.
MARINA DEL REY, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATE OF AMERICA, January 14, 2020 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Pamela Jane Nye earned her “Maverick Nurse” moniker by choosing a megayacht as the unique venue for the 2019 inaugural hosting of the Operation Scrubs Nurse Symposium and National Nurses Day Celebration. She also provided an innovative approach to continuing nurse education, along with her celebrity-like treatment for symposium-attending nurses.

As a result, Nye gained worldwide news media attention, an online search engine favorite, and she received100% percent positive survey responses by event-attending nurses.

Odds favor Nye's Maverick Nurse dubbing will stick, in part due to her "no fee" decision for nurses wanting to attend this year's symposium and NightinGala celebration. More surprising is that hospitals and nurses through America will be able to get continuing nurse education credit by viewing Operation Scrubs' live or video-on-demand symposium webcasts.

"It's the future norm for hospitals, as well as America’s 4-million registered nurses," Nye predicts. She's also committed to helping facilitate per prediction beginning with Operation Scrubs/2020, then continue as a year-round symposium attending and worldwide webcast policy.

When asked if she foresees any downside to this no-fee concept, Nye said, “This is an obvious big win for America’s hospitals and nurses," while acknowledging, "not-so-much for the lucrative fee-charging nurse education businesses.

With 2020 designated as the Year of the Nurse, Nye's timing coincides with a global focus on recognizing and celebrating the 200th birthday anniversary of Florence Nightingale -- the nurse known best for setting the standards for today's nursing practice and her extraordinary care for military soldiers.

For this reason, Nye decided that all 165 Operation Scrubs/2020 Symposium and NightinGala Celebration invitations be reserved for V.A. hospital nurses from and representing all 50 States, plus D.C. and U.S. territories.

Seeking expedited invitation confirmation, Nye emailed her invitation directly to Veterans Administration Secretary, Robert Wilkie. Nye says she received notification that Secretary Wilkie received her email and that her request is currently under consideration.

According to Nye, she's planning a February news media lunch briefing aboard FantaSea One, Operation Scrubs megayacht symposium venue. Briefing content to include: Current Operation Scrubs/2020 symposium and NightinGala celebration details; Secretary Wilkie V.A. nurse invitation update; introducing the Operation Scrubs celebrity spokesperson; and features for motivating 4-million people (one person for every registered nurse in America) to accept the Operation Scrubs ‘See a Nurse? Thank a Nurse! Challenge."

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