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Theatrix VR founder Jamie Harding has taken out the Gold eNVIe at the eNVIes Awards hosted by Flinders New Venture Institute (NVI) and will jet off to the US.

ADELAIDE, SOUTH AUSTRALIA, AUSTRALIA, November 19, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Theatrix VR founder Jamie Harding has taken out the Gold eNVIe at the 12th eNVIes Awards hosted by Flinders University’s New Venture Institute (NVI) and will jet off to San Francisco, Silicon Valley and Austin on a US start up tour.

As the winner of the Gold prize, Jamie will be joined by the regional winner, Amber Rushton of Kickstart Your Marketing, Silver winner Janvhi Sirohi of FeelYourBeatz, People’s Choice winner David Tucker of Skoolcraft and travel scholarship recipient Cathy Hughes, Quince HQ.

This year, the travel scholarships were made possible through a sponsorship from the Department of Inudstry and Skills, and the Office of the Chief Entrepreneur.

Over 200 people gathered last night to cheer on the Venture Dorm finalists, including the graduating founders of 60 startups who have gone through the program this year, from Byron Bay, Tonsley, Limestone Coast and Barossa-Yorke-Mid North.
The program, which is in its sixth year, helps new businesses start up fast with low upfront investment, with participants given access to co-working spaces, contemporary services and technology, and expert practical skills and guidance.

Jamie’s pitch for Theatrix VR focused on his mission to bring theatre through VR headsets to people everywhere, and was an impressive expression of its scalability and traction so far. He sent in his winning pitch via video, from his placement at the AusTrade Landing Pad in Tel Aviv, Israel (pictured.)

He reflected on a powerful transformation during the program, saying

“Venture Dorm is a life changing program. The course content is sound, and now I know that any goal is attainable. I’m looking forward to applying everything I’ve learnt at the Aus Trade Landing Pad here in Tel Aviv, to the founders mission in the US.”

The total prize pool is worth over $140,000 – the biggest in Venture Dorm history, including a travel scholarship for the Regional
Winner, Amber Rushton of Kickstart Your Marketing.

“One of the best parts of this program is the chance to work with such an amazing group of entrepreneurs, mentors and investors. The Venture Dorm program has helped so many local business owners develop and hone their skills and I'm thrilled to have the opportunity to showcase Kickstart Your Marketing to Adelaide during the eNVIes, and now the US in 2020.”

Amber and Jamie will be joined on the trip by the people’s choice winners of last night’s awards, and the City of Adelaide’s scholarship winner, Jahnvi of FeelTheBeatz, who won her round of Venture Dorm after securing the sponsored place through the City of Adelaide’s Business of Being Creative fund.

Part of the prize pool for each winner goes toward joining the eNVI.US Startup Founders Mission, which will take them across the US.
They’ll get to know each location’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, and join other business founders to attend more than 30 events, pitch competitions, site visits and networking opportunities.

The Founders Mission is open to other founders and businesses, and never fails to inspire entrepreneurial growth.

Recent years have seen a significant expansion in the NVI’s role to foster South Australian entrepreneurship, with hubs established on the Limestone Coast, Byron Bay, and one servicing the Barossa-Yorke- and Mid North region.

In presenting the awards, Vice-Chancellor Professor Colin Stirling applauded the achievements of the 55 graduates who have completed New Venture Institute’s Venture Dorm courses in Adelaide and regionally this semester.

The multi-awarded NVI was again named Australia’s number 1 University Business accelerator in the UBI Global World Rankings, the world’s authority on university-linked business accelerators. As the only Australian entity across private, public and university sectors to be recognised for 2019/2020, it emphasises the value that Flinders NVI is contributing to business incubation in Australia.

Being at the forefront of brave new ideas is central to the University and includes innovation and enterprise topics offered as study options in all of the University’s programs.


The eNVIes are proudly supported by the Government of South Australia’s Department of Industry and Skills, RuahTech, Amazon Web Services, NewsMaker, Komms Haus, _southstart, cjGoms, Flinders Enterprise Consulting and eNVIsion Incubator.

David Tucker, founder of Skoolcraft (Tonsley)
Skoolcraft enables students and educators to learn through a 21st century model of teaching.
Cathy Hughes, founder of Quince HQ (Limestone Coast)

Quince HQ is on a mission to inspire a sense of wonder, curiosity and excitement about Quince fruits by offering a compelling range of food and drink products and related services.
Amber Rushton, founder of Kickstart Your Marketing (Barossa-Yorke-Mid North)

Kickstart your Marketing helps grow small businesses by providing them with the tools they need to effectively market their business on social media - using a handy pack of cards to get your imagination going.
Jamie Harding, founder of Theatrix VR (Limestone Coast)

Theatrix VR believes that access to the arts is an essential public good. It aspires to be a global leader, providing live and on-demand experiences in virtual reality. Using its groundbreaking VR platform, it sees itself as the next generation of arts broadcaster, dedicated to streaming world-class live performance and arts experiences to your home.
Janvhi Sirohi, founder of FeelTheBeatz (Tonsley)

FeelTheBeatz is an online social platform that allows you to view and share dance videos in one location – allowing anyone to discover the world of dance!

Maxine Shea, founder of Hemp Collective (Byron Bay)
Hemp Collective is born out of a need to create quality hemp products for a sustainable future. They grow organic, spray free hemp in a prime location in the Byron Shire.

Benjamin Popp, founder of Kuppa Cups (Byron Bay)
Kuppa Cups are establishing a deposit container scheme for coffee cups to eliminate the usage of disposable coffee cups.

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