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Gremlin Announces Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes, Improving Reliability of Production Workloads

Gremlin’s native Kubernetes support allows companies to run Chaos Engineering on Kubernetes Environments to make cluster-based infrastructures more resilient

/EIN News/ -- San Diego, CA, Nov. 18, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Gremlin, a fully hosted Chaos Engineering platform, today announced native Kubernetes support for easily identifying, targeting, and experimenting on Kubernetes objects in order to proactively identify weaknesses. Last year, Gremlin launched Docker support due to high demand from enterprise customers moving to containers, who are today increasingly using Kubernetes for orchestrating their production workloads.

“Kubernetes is becoming the default way to build highly scalable applications at many large enterprises,” said Matthew Fornaciari, CTO and Co-Founder of Gremlin. “Our goal is to provide SRE and DevOps teams that are building and deploying modern applications with the tools and processes necessary to understand how their systems handle failure, before that failure has the chance to impact customers and business.”

According to Kubernetes Adoption Research based on a sample of 10,000 companies, Kubernetes is increasingly the first choice among container users with 32.5 percent of enterprises reporting usage last year. However, along with the benefits of scalability and abstraction comes increased complexity, as containers are highly ephemeral and dynamic. 

This complexity makes organizations hesitant to deploy Kubernetes in production. With Gremlin’s announcement today, engineers can now use Gremlin to automate the process of identifying and targeting Kubernetes primitives such as nodes and pods, that are often difficult to pinpoint at a given moment. Gremlin users configuring a network attack can also select which of the Kubernetes services' traffic they want to disrupt and learn more about their systems’ behavior under stress. 

This ability to seamlessly run experiments on Kubernetes infrastructure via Gremlin’s intuitive user-interface (UI) will help SRE and DevOps teams simulate real-world failures that are often unpredictable and expensive. This will help increase confidence in Kubernetes, leading to more seamless migration and adoption.

"Gremlin provides an easy and reliable way for us to run chaos experiments on specific services in Kubernetes,” said Simon Govier, Director, Program Management at Expedia. "This significantly reduces the amount of time it takes to do fault injection and increases our systems' resilience to failure."

About Gremlin
Gremlin is the world’s first hosted chaos engineering service with a mission to help build a more reliable internet. It turns failure into resilience by offering engineers a fully hosted solution to safely experiment on complex systems, in order to identify weaknesses before they impact customers and cause revenue loss. Founded by CEO Kolton Andrus and CTO Matthew Fornaciari in 2016, the company has since raised $26.8Million in funding from Redpoint Ventures, Index Ventures, and Amplify Partners. Existing customers include Expedia, Mailchimp, Qualtrics, Twilio, Under Armour, and Walmart.


Adam LaGreca
Gremlin, Inc.