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Latest listing of React Native Companies by ITFirms is an unexpected bonanza for developers who perched gingerly on the platform to impel their vis-à-vises!

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 24, 2019 / -- For all the businesses who felt that their mobile apps are buoyantly irrepressible, consider this: After months of hard work, RN contributors across global organizations have been able to handle significant migrations for both Android and iOS platforms and many other issues. They have come up with Hermes, an open-source JavaScript Engine optimized for React Native. This improves React Native performance by decreasing memory utilization, reducing download size and decreasing the time it takes for the app to become Time to Interactive (TTI) or usable.

Having made several improvements to accessibility, RN now comes with a fresh new UI, has been migrated to AndroidX support, Cocoapods are now an essential part of iOS development (come by default), podspec S for internal packages has been changed to be compatible with Xcode projects helpful in troubleshooting and debugging, Geolocation has been extracted according to the new App Store Policies. One also needs to complete your migration by adding dependencies to react-native-webview, @react-native-community/netinfo, and @react-native-community/geolocation, if haven’t done already. Native module linking can now be done using autolinking. Now there is Upgrade Helper tool to ease out the upgrade process. There is an upgraded library. Besides the Turbo Module System, TypeSafe System and Haste Module System etc.

What areas did the React Native developers particularly improve?

• Finding the root cause of an exception.
• Upgrading from one version to another is hard and requires a lot of work
• The React Native CLI barely prints any emoji
• Frequent app crashes (mostly Android)
• Hot reload does not work great with Stateless Functional Components (SFC)
• Adding messages on both sides of ScrollView/Flatlist should not allow automatic scrolling.
• Style Sheet API does not optimize styles. An alternative to StyleSheet API is required to enable writing inline styles, colocated to the markup, like the CSS prop emotion of style props of glamorous-native
• Debugging by running JS in Chrome is not only clunky, it as well requires restarting the app, causing problems with some native modules (e.g. react-native-gl cannot be included in an app you want to debug), and is not that useful for debugging performance issues as the JS is being debugged running on a different machine. Ideally, there would be some way to connect directly to the JS running on the device while still using the great debugging tools provided by Chrome.
• RAM bundle is currently not supported by any OTA platform like Codepush. This calls for a need to have a more connected community and community-based feature prioritization that includes third-party libraries.
• Lack of official or community adopted performance monitoring and real-time crash tool to resolve all the use-cases.

ITFirms presents the list of Top React Native Developers 2019 who debunked tens of thousands of hours to be sieved off from the chaff as best performers in their respective domains:

1. Chop Dawg
2. WillowTree
3. Konstant Infosolutions
4. Table XI
5. Zco Corporation
6. TechAhead
7. Nomtek
8. STX Next
9. Innofied
10. Apptunix

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