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PRS party highlights Transparency operation

Dundo, ANGOLA, October 12 - The president of the opposition Social Renewal Party (PRS), Benedito Daniel, considered last Thursday that the ongoing ''Transparency Operation'', which started in September 2018, is an opportunity to safeguard the economic interests and the country's social order.,

Speaking to the press, during his working visit to the north-eastern Lunda Norte Province to learn about the functioning of his party structures, the politician encouraged the Angolan state to pursue policies aimed at restoring authority and order in the province and the exploitation of mineral resources.


Benedito Daniel, defended however the creation of conditions to organize those citizens who exploit diamonds and other resources illegally, to return to the legal activity.


“We are talking about citizens who depended on mining for their survival , so the State, when removing them from mining areas, should dialogue with them in order to encourage them to pursue their activity legally (…)”, emphasized the politician.


The operation was initially launched in the provinces of Lunda Norte, Lunda Sul, Malanje, Moxico, Bie, Uige and Zaire to curb diamond mining and illegal immigration in Angola.


Benedito Daniel will work in five municipalities out of the 10 that the province has, to interact with the citizens and also get informed about the functioning of his party structures in the region.


The politician is to be received in an audience by the Lunda Norte governor, Ernesto Muangala, with whom he will address issues related to the province's socio-economic life.


The agenda includes a meeting with traditional authorities, members of the PRS Provincial Committee, as well as a visit to the Faculty of Law and the Higher Pedagogical School, organic units of the public Lueji A'nkonde University.