Forbes: Fashion or Function - PurseSee: Why Not Both?

Start looking good, stop looking for anything else

I was inspired to create PurseSee after a particularly hectic day. Then and there, I decided that Oprah and Sir Richard were right. Then and there, I realized that there had to be a better way.”
— Nathali Barlas

AUSTIN, TX, USA, October 18, 2019 / -- “Whether you know it or not, you have a personal brand,” according to a recent Forbes article.

Referencing the likes of Oprah (who only needs one name) and Sir Richard Branson (who needs three), there can be no rebuttal on either a professional or individual level among the rest of us. Over decades, the “Queen of Personal Branding” has earned billions with her message of, “Live your best life.” Sir Richard Branson, the outrageous billionaire entrepreneur and one the world’s richest humans, may not enjoy equivalent household recognition. But his unorthodox persona, fortune and successes have been founded on, “… texture, character and public trust.”

The combined impact of these two fundamental messages on our daily lives is better defined as (self and public) “image”. 21st Century technology increasingly saves time and enhances productivity. In turn, the need for efficiency is accelerated by the pace of everyday life and the importance of conveying that same “image”. Time and organization have become necessary complements to physical appearance, others’ perceptions and how to live life to its maximum potential. One of the most unique and innovative solutions for billionaires, millionaires and thousand-aires alike is the first in a series of the PurseSee high-fashion handbags product line, which combines luxury with utility.

As the name implies, the “Beauty PurseSee” is designed to accommodate any busy lady preparing for her wedding, traveling on a business trip, interviewing for a job or rushing from work to a dinner date. (‘Sorry, Guys, ‘maybe the next product launch ….) Beyond the designer fashion and features that allow for compartmentalized access to, upright protection of, expensive cosmetics and personal items, the compact dimensions are streamlined and space-efficient.

What appears to be luxury is equally an extraordinarily functional accessory among which a diverse array of necessities can be easily seen and readily accessed by busy ladies - without searching through spilled lotions, broken brushes or layers of facial powder.

Fully warrantied, hand-made and durable enough to meet the demands of professional make-up artists and discerning consumers, the 100% leather materials are individually crafted by Old World artisans. As does the proper storage of the finest wines enhance their individual character, the environmentally-responsible tanning process will provide a unique patina over the years and distinguish each bag as well as its owner and their personal brand.

In a recent press conference, founder & CEO, Nathali Barlas, shared a few thoughts. “I was inspired to create PurseSee after a particularly hectic day. I was confronted by three alternatives: attend a business dinner wearing the same tired make-up that I’d applied 10 hours earlier, dig aimlessly through random contents of my bag ‘til I hit the bottom or dump the entire contents on the nearest banquet table. Then and there, I decided that Oprah and Sir Richard were right. Then and there, I realized that there had to be a better way.”

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