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Dreyev Chooses HERE to Improve Driver Safety

New HERE Live Sense SDK Provides a More Complete Driver Safety Solution for Fleet Managers and Insurance Carriers

Chicago, IL – HERE Technologies, a global leader in location platform services, today announced that dreyev selected HERE over Mapbox to provide driver safety solutions for fleet managers and insurance carriers. Dreyev is excited to collaborate with HERE to bring driver safety to the next level.

HERE recently launched AI enabled Live Sense SDK, a software development kit (SDK) solution that gives HERE customers the power of edge perception and AI technology to alert drivers of hazards, changes in the road conditions and real-time guidance and information on road infrastructure. Using a device with a forward-facing camera, dreyev will rely on the new Live Sense SDK to detect signs, objects and landmarks that appear on the road ahead to inform drivers of upcoming obstacles, guidance maneuvers and changes in the environment in real-time.

Combining dreyev’s driver distraction, drowsiness detection and management capabilities with HERE Live Sense SDK enables dreyev to provide a more effective driver safety solution to the market. Dreyev and Live Sense are complementary capabilities bringing a holistic solution to the marketplace through this partnership.

 “At dreyev, we take on the complex challenge of calculating risk levels dynamically, taking into account multiple contexts, including driver-facing and road-facing cameras to determine safety levels in real time. Awareness of what’s happening on the road ahead is a critical element to the overall safety of drivers. Thanks to the HERE Live Sense SDK, dreyev can now closely monitor, understand and anticipate highly dynamic risks on the road,” said Roberto Sicconi, CTO of dreyev. “Fleet managers can rely on a real-time, AI-assisted driver safety solution when evaluating the performance of their drivers, a key component in preventing crashes and potentially high losses. An intelligent service like Live Sense SDK provides a richer context and in effect a more accurate tracking system to warn drivers of danger and keep roads safe.”

“There are millions of commercial and passenger vehicles on the road today without the necessary technology to keep drivers safe and informed,” said Jason Bettinger, Senior Director and Americas Head of Consumer Technologies at HERE. “We’re working with OEMs, fleets, telematics providers and insurance carriers to provide real-time and historic data from within the vehicle, along with the outside road environments to enhance driver safety, manage risks and avoid accidents. These models detect objects and behaviors that can lead to hazardous situations for drivers, such as unexpected obstacles, changing conditions and guidance to avoid missing turns along a route. By providing real-time insight of what has been detected ahead, a driver can take the necessary actions in time to keep them, their passengers and their cargo safer.”

About dreyev:
Dreyev (pronounced “drive”) was founded in 2016 by two IBM Watson Research Center alumni. Their deep expertise in Speech, Dialog, Image and Video Processing and smart in-vehicle User Interfaces led to the first product release in 2019. The new Intelligent Vision Safety System for fleets & insurers reduces collisions caused by distracted and drowsy drivers. The AI-powered co-driver focuses on managing driver behavior by using  inside-of-the-vehicle and road views to evaluate driver attention vs. driving risks, and provides warnings, dynamically customized to improve driver’s attentiveness at all times. To learn more about dreyev, visit

About HERE Technologies:
HERE, the Open Location Platform company, enables people, enterprises and cities to harness the power of location. By making sense of the world through the lens of location we empower our customers to achieve better outcomes - from helping a city manage its infrastructure or an enterprise optimize its assets to guiding drivers to their destination safely. To learn more about HERE, including our new generation of cloud-based location platform services, visit and


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