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Andrew Doyle TD welcomes the expenditure allocations announced in Budget 2020

welcomes the expenditure allocations announced in Budget 2020

Against the background of Brexit uncertainly and the overarching requirement for a prudent budget in 2020, expenditure next year will amount to:

  • €103m for the Forestry Programme, 
  • €6m in capital investment for the commercial horticulture sector,
  • €16.8m for Bord na gCon,
  • €12m is being provided for the Organic Farming Scheme and a further €1.2m for development of the Organic Sector.

Forestry €103m

Minister Doyle welcomed the continuation of support for the development of forestry in Ireland with the allocation of €103m (including a capital carryover) for 2020.  

Minister Doyle stated, “this allocation reflects our commitment to planting 8,000 hectares in 2020, an ambitious target contained in the Climate Action Plan. This level of planting will be challenging and will require shared action from the private sector, public bodies and local communities but this Government is committed to achieving it. This budget also provides funding for the direct implementation of a number of other actions under the Climate Action Plan including the mobilisation of the private timber resource in Ireland, a substantial investment in forest roads, continued support for knowledge transfer groups and the promotion of timber products.’’

Horticulture €6m

In Budget 2019 funding for capital investments in the commercial horticulture sector was increased to €6m. In response to continuing strong demand for investment by the sector Budget 2020 has maintained the allocation of €6m.

Ireland’s horticulture sector faces a number of challenges in the context of Brexit; however the sector still has significant potential for development. Today’s budget continues to provide significant resources to maximise the industry’s competitiveness.

Bord Na gCon €16.8m

The greyhound sector has undergone a series of reforms in recent times, including the enactment of the Greyhound Racing Act 2019. This legislation strengthens the legal basis for the industry, with a view to fortifying the integrity of the greyhound racing sector and improving provision for greyhound traceability. 

Minister Doyle stated, “I am also pleased to announce the Government’s commitment to the Horse and Greyhound Racing Fund for 2020, which will maintain expenditure at €16.8 m next year for Bord na gCon. The sector is a very important contributor to the economy and provides employment in both rural and urban areas.”


Minister Doyle added that a significant portion of the Fund will be spent on care and welfare and that Bord na gCon has put in place a range of such initiatives for greyhounds in recent months.


Minister Doyle said, “I welcome the establishment of a Care Fund to fund programmes and initiatives for the care and welfare of the racing greyhound”. 


This fund will support a variety of initiatives in the area of re-homing, welfare, traceability and a greyhound injury support scheme.


The Minister of State has received assurances from the Board of Bord na gCon that they remain committed to the protection of the integrity of the greyhound industry and to promoting the welfare of greyhounds. With the new legislation in place, together with the maintenance of the funding, the Minister is confident that the Industry will have the tools to reform and strengthen the industry.



Sports Horse Ireland €4million

Minister Doyle welcomes the provision of an additional €1m will bring the 2020 allocation for Horse Sport Ireland to €4m to assist with the strategic development of the sector. This extra funding will assist in providing further breeding incentives for the production of high quality young horses.


Organics €13.2million

Funding for the Organic Farming Scheme has been increased this year to €12m with a further €1.2m provided for Development of the Organic Sector. 


The Minister of State said “the extra €1m increase in the Organic scheme budget for 2020 highlights this Government’s ongoing commitment to the development of the Irish Organic Sector. The higher TAMs budget for 2020 will also directly benefit organic farmers as they are direct beneficiaries under this scheme for organic investments. This will help build on the record volume of Irish land under organic production which we have delivered under the current RDP.  This higher investment is key to the implementation of the Strategy Organic Food Sector 2019 – 2025 which I published last year.”

Minister Doyle PR Budget 2020




Date Released: 08 October 2019