Palm Organix CBD Products Supplier Launches CBD Wholesale Program in Maryland.

cbd oil wholesale maryland

CBD Oil Wholesale Maryland

buy cbd wholesale in maryland

Buy CBD Wholesale in Maryland

wholesale cbd products in maryland

Wholesale CBD Products in Maryland

buy cbd oil wholesale in maryland

Buy CBD Oil Wholesale in Maryland

cbd wholesale maryland

CBD Wholesale Maryland

Palm Organix™, CBD Oil products leader, today announced the launch of their wholesale partnership program for Health and Wellness practitioners in Maryland.

by their patients and clients for recommendations for a quality CBD brand and are looking to steer their clients to a trusted, highly tested, premium and effective CBD company like Palm Organix™”
— Alex Herrera, Founder and CEO of Palm Organix™

WEST NYACK, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, October 4, 2019 / -- West Nyack, New York: Palm Organix™, a leader in the sale of premium, broad spectrum CBD Oil products today announced the launch of their wholesale partnership program for Health and Wellness practitioners looking to offer their clients and customers premium, safe, lab tested ZERO THC CBD Oil products in Maryland without having to source, manufacture and produce their own CBD brand.

Alex Herrera, Founder and CEO of Palm Organix™ stated “as the popularity of the Palm Organix™ brand continues to grow and is recognized as a leader in High Quality Broad Spectrum THC free CBD Oil products, we receive daily requests from Chiropractors, Wellness Centers, Physical Therapist, Health Stores and other Wellness Practitioners who are interested in carrying our brand for their clientele. We are pleased to announce our Wholesale Partner Program and further extend the benefits and reach of Palm Organix™ CBD Oil to those seeking a healthy safe supplement including Tinctures, Softgels, Topicals and Gummies.” Herrera added that “the overwhelming feedback from The Wellness Practitioner community is that they are being asked on a daily basis by their patients and clients for recommendations for a quality CBD brand and are looking to steer their clients to a trusted, highly tested, premium and effective CBD company like Palm Organix™.”

Palm Organix™ exceeds the practitioner requirements as the entire line of Palm Organix™ CBD products are Broad Spectrum, 100% THC Free, sourced from Folium Biosciences, the largest fully integrated supplier of Phytocannabinoid Rich Hemp in the USA, and are rigorously lab tested which clearly differentiates Palm Organix™ as a high quality and premium player in the crowded CBD supplement space.

Herrera added, “The demand for pure CBD Oil from the consumer is strong, however, the consumer is in search for a high quality brand and with so many products on the market, many of which are of low quality, they are turning to their Wellness practitioners for recommendations for a trusted CBD oil supplier. Palm Organix™, because of their high quality, strict manufacturing process is the clear choice for the medical and wellness professional to recommend and endorse.” The entire line of Palm Organix™ CBD products comes with Certificates of Quality Assurance (COA’s) from our supplier, Folium Biosciences, and then Palm Organix™ sends each batch out for third party lab testing to ensure their products have everything the label claims yet is free of any harmful ingredients including, harsh chemicals, heavy metals, pesticides, fillers and of course THC. Additionally, Palm Organix™ CBD oil has an industry high ratio of 90% CBD to Hemp Extract making their entire product line up to two times more pure and potent than its competitors.

Herrera continued, “Palm Organix's entire product line is completely THC free, which " differentiates Palm Organix™ from many of the other CBD companies whose products contain THC." The majority of our customers for numerous reasons, including religious beliefs, work responsibilities, college, and professional sports drug screening tests, simply do not want to, or are not permitted to consume THC in any capacity. We have a diverse, nationwide customer base, who use our products knowing that they will receive all the benefits of Broad Spectrum CBD without any of the negative psychoactive side effects associated with THC."

Maintaining Palm Organix™ commitment to quality and excellence, the entire line of Palm Organix™ CBD products come with Certificates of Quality Assurance and 3rd party lab testing, which are readily available on the Palm Organix™ website, at our Flagship Store at the Palisades Center, or the QR codes on the bottle ensuring their products contain no harsh chemicals, metals, fillers and most importantly, no THC.

Palm Organix™ sells a full line of pure, premium grade CBD oil products, sourced from Phytocannabinoid Rich (PCR) Hemp proudly grown in the USA resulting in the purest, and strongest CBD concentrated products available in the marketplace. PCR Hemp is considered to be the finest, purest hemp available and superior to imported Foreign Hemp and low quality producers which is known to be inconsistent in both CBD and THC content.

Although the Farm Bill Act of 2018 calls for THC levels to not exceed .3%, for CBD products to be legal, Palm Organix intentionally removes all levels of THC from their entire product line. Additionally, Palm Organix™ pure premium CBD oil products have an industry high ratio of CBD to Hemp Extract versus our competitors in the CBD marketplace resulting in the finest CBD products available to consumers.

Herrera continued that “ for those Health Practitioners and retail stores that wish to carry the Palm Organix™ line of CBD oil products via our Wholesale Partner Program they will be afforded access to our entire line of CBD oil Products, low minimum orders, Copies of all Certificates of Quality Assurances and Third party lab testing. Each Wholesale Partner will have a dedicated sales representative ensuring all their CBD Oil questions are answered, and the practitioners and retailers receive fast delivery of their orders with prices starting at 50% discount to our retail pricing. This affords the Wholesaler the ability to confidently recommend a premium, safe CBD oil product to their clients and customers while simultaneously generating additional revenue for their business.”

About Palm Organix™

Palm Organix™ is a family owned and operated CBD company recognized as a CBD oil leader in online, retail and wholesale CBD sales. Palm Organix™, offers a wide selection of Premium, Zero THC, CBD products that are tailored to our customers health needs and goals including:
Softgels: We offer a variety of softgel options, including our regular CBD softgels, all of which are broad-spectrum and fast-absorbing. We offer softgels with melatonin to provide extra benefit to those who struggle with sleeplessness, and softgels with curcumin, for those who want the added boost of the natural pain-relieving benefits that curcumin offers.
Tinctures: We are proud to offer our tinctures in a variety of flavors, including orange, and mint. These broad-spectrum, phytocannabinoid-rich tinctures promote health and overall healing through their natural properties. Our tinctures are high-strength, pure, and 100% free of THC. That’s our promise to you.
Topicals: We offer a variety of topical products, including pharmaceutical grade CBD face masks to rejuvenate and rehydrate your skin, and decrease inflammation; soothing, phytocannabinoid-rich salve with broad-spectrum CBD; certified organic lavender and eucalyptus oils for relief from daily aches and pains; and a CBD lotion with camphor, menthol, and other essential oils to relieve and soothe sore and tired muscles.
Energy Drinks: Our CBD energy drink packs come in a delicious berry flavor and help to boost your strength and provide the energy you need for physical or mental activity throughout the day. Wonderful as either a pre-workout boost or a post-workout recovery, an energy boost is as easy as mixing our specialty blend with water and eTXoying.
Pet Products: At Palm Organix™, we know how important our family pet members are. That’s why we’re proud to provide a pet tincture, as well as delicious-tasting 2mg CBD pet chews, which are enjoyable for your pet, and which provide the health benefits they need.
Gummies: Our CBD gummies come in different mixed fruit flavors and pack 10mg of CBD oil per gummy. They come 20 to a jar and are a very convenient and tasty way to take CBD.
Palm Organix™ customers trust our CBD products as they help promote greater health and overall well-being. CBD may be helpful in providing a much-needed relief from any number of ailments including, promoting tranquility and healthy skin, as well as supporting a good night’s sleep, internal balance, relaxed mood as well as muscle and joint function.

Palm Organix™ Flagship store is a great resource to the community as our CBD specialists have the ability to educate our customers in person on the benefits of CBD oil and also allow them to sample several of our premium CBD products. All of Palm Organix™products contain pure, high-quality hemp oil grown in the nutrient rich soils of Colorado. Additionally, Palm Organix™ operates their our own fulfillment center so we are able to package customer orders quickly, with care, and we always ship for free. Orders placed Monday -Friday before 3:00pm EST ship the same day and arrive in most parts of the United States within 3-4 days.

About CBD

Cannabidiol, more commonly known as CBD, is all-natural and is extracted directly from the hemp variety of the cannabis plant. CBD is one of more than 113 beneficial cannabinoids that the plant produces. CBD interacts directly with the endocannabinoid system (ECS) already present in our bodies. Mammals, including both people and pets, have an ECS. This ECS has a number of receptors that help regulate important bodily functions like a neurotransmitter and hormone secretion, temperature, and metabolism, as well as controlling inflammation, to name only a few. CBD essentially benefits the body by acting as a natural booster to the functions that the ECS is performing. CBD is safe, non-addictive, has relatively few side effects and does not require any special license to purchase. CBD may help with any number of health and wellness issues and new benefits are being discovered continuously. Palm Organix™ CBD oil is best used as a supplement, and is not designed as a cure or treatment for any ailment.

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