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Rick Carey

Datasafe calls upon all document shredding firms to avoid imposing surcharges due to fluctuating paper prices

We think every every customer who uses shredding services should insist that his/her provider does not impose surcharges.”
— Rick Carey, Partner

MARSHFIELD, MA, US, September 20, 2019 / -- Rick Carey, founder and partner of Datasafe Information Security (which is rebranding to the name, is not happy with the practice that others in his industry have adopted – namely, imposing a surcharge on their customers’ fees because of a decline in the value of scrap paper.

Carey, with his son and business partner Eric, have called upon the “industry giants” to abandon the practice of passing along additional costs to their customers.

What is at issue is that most shredding companies derive a portion of their income from selling the paper products after they are shredded to recycling and other end user markets. A decline in the value of paper from a one time high of $130 per ton to as low as $10 per ton at some points has significantly affected the bottom line of companies who sell the shredded paper.

Carey said, “Typically, the Goliaths in our industry will cut prices below their competitors, and make their money off the back end by selling scrap. In some cases, they will do the shredding for next to nothing. But, with the decline in paper, we’ve heard that, for example, Stericycle, which is the parent company of Shred-It has imposed a 12.5% surcharge in an attempt to make up the losses. In the end, it’s the customer who’s paying for this.”

Carey has a word for companies who deal with the larger entities in his industry. “Read your contracts very carefully. Look to see if there is a provision allowing this surcharge. We believe that a quoted price should be ironclad, and that there should be no surprises with invoices.”

He cautioned that there are other deceptive practices that may be imposed, including fuel mileage pickup fees. “These small print additional features mislead customers as to the true cost of pricing.”

Carey said that Datasafe Information Security ( is taking the “no surcharge pledge.” He said, “That is not how we do business and we think every customer who uses shredding services should insist that his/her provider does not impose surcharges.”
In their August 2019 earnings report, Stericycle/Shred-it has announced they would be adding another surcharge to their customers in order to offset the recent downturn in the value of selling the shredded paper. Be sure to check your bills and make sure your document shredding company isn’t passing along this charge to you.
He said, “Everyone in the industry can feel a sting of a decline in paper prices, but the solution is not to arbitrarily impose surcharges on customers. We believe this is a deceptive business practice and believe that customers deserve better.”
The firm recently celebrated an impressive milestone, having securely shredded 550 million documents, with no identity theft or breaches. “And,” Carey added, “No surcharges ever. And none planned for the future.”
As the firm approaches its 30th anniversary,, a Datasafe Company, has seen its mission expand from the destruction of paper documents to include electronics (including computer hard drives), expired foods, counterfeit goods, and defective products, to name some items. They are the longest running document destruction firms in the state. The firm provides destruction for industries across a wide range of businesses, and they differentiate themselves from the competition with their commitment to an impenetrable chain of secure custody of documents and a strong local emphasis on personalized customer service.
About, a Datasafe Company, a Datasafe Company, ( has been a leader in the document destruction industry since 1990, committed to destruction of sensitive data including papers, computer hard drives, and electronic devices. is the oldest shredding company in Eastern Massachusetts. The firm provides destruction services at the client’s location or at their facility, depending on the customer’s preference. works with schools, financial institutions, insurance agencies, and any businesses which choose to destroy sensitive information in a secure manner. A partial client list includes Amica Insurance, Boston University, Comcast, Brookline Bank, Harvard University, Verizon, and Dana Farber. Founder Rick Carey attributes the company’s success to the firm’s consistent level of response and service over the years. The company prides itself on “live” answering of phones, and quick attention to customer needs. Corporate headquarters are in Marshfield, MA. For additional information, please visit or call 508-587-0900 and ask for Rick or Eric.

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