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Bang Energy Scores Another Legal Victory Against Monster Energy in Europe

WESTON, Fla., Sept. 09, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bang Energy has prevailed yet again in court against Monster Energy in the Netherlands. On September 5, 2019, a Dutch district court found that Monster had acted unlawfully towards Bang Energy by disseminating public communications, including letters to Bang Energy’s customers, containing false allegations about Bang Energy and its products. The court held that, contrary to what Monster had alleged, BANG® energy drinks are freely available in the EU.  The court held also that Monster had wrongfully suggested that in prior litigation between Monster and Bang Energy an injunction would have been granted against the marketing of BANG® energy drinks when, in fact, the prior court said no such thing and instead denied the majority of Monster’s claims, finding Monster to be the losing party.  Separate press releases about this prior litigation are available here (May 10, 2019 press release) and here (May 23, 2019 press release).

In the present action, the court found Monster’s allegations particularly damaging to Bang Energy, since Bang Energy has just entered the EU market and is starting to conquer market share from traditional high-sugar energy drinks, such as those of Monster.  Monster has been forbidden to make such allegations again on pain of a hefty monetary penalty.  Monster also was ordered to inform Bang Energy of all recipients of Monster’s unlawful letters, so that Bang can rectify Monster’s false and misleading statements.

A translation of the recent Dutch ruling is available at Bang Energy’s European website,

Bang Energy is represented in this lawsuit by VPX’s in-house attorneys, Marc J. Kesten, Frank Massabki, and Matthew Davidson, and its outside Dutch counsel, Gregor Vos and Darya Bondarchuk, of Brinkhof N.V., a specialist law firm based in Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

For further information about this action, please contact VPX’s General Counsel, Marc J. Kesten, Esq., at, or (954) 641-0570.

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