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Swim Track

SAO PAULO, SAO PAULO, BRAZIL, September 7, 2019 / -- After 40 years helping local swimmers to succeed and break records, Olympic swim coach Alberto Klar, from Brazil is finally making available a powerful tool to help coaches and swimmers of all levels.

During his career, Klar has coached many Olympians, world record holders, Olympic medalists and world championships medalists.

Now coaching athletes in Brazil and the US, during his career Klar always had a feeling he could do more for the sport.

“It has been a goal to be able to help swimmers develop at all levels. It’s priceless to see a young athlete`s inspiration by watching the Olympics and be able to help along the pathway to get there”, said coach Klar.

What was a distant dream back then has finally come to reality. The Swim Track made it's debut 24 months ago in Brazil and soon became one of the most used tools among coaches and athletes.

Now available worldwide, the app Swim Track was designed by a group of teachers with decades of swimming experience, but with a vision for the FUTURE.

They understand that the transformation 4.0 that is happening in various sectors, including education, communication and industry, should also be present in swimming, especially with the use of technology.

The technology that allows you to have information and various features, literally in the palm of your hand, is now being used by the teacher and students to check their results and analyze their evolution in swimming pools.

Swim Track features are:

Pedagogical Evaluations
• Aquatic survivability
• Adaptation I and adaptation II for beginners
• Start of crawl swimming in learning pool and deep pool
• Backstroke Initiation
• Breaststroke Initiation
• Butterfly swim initiation
• Level of improvement

Physical Capacity Assessments
• Anaerobic fitness
• Aerobic fitness, including critical speed determination
• Anthropometry and flexibility

Swim Track features includes applicability and objectivity, which allow its use by gyms and personal trainers with varying numbers of students. Individual assessment is performed dynamically and can be applied to students regardless of the learning methodology used in the academy, from children to adults, from beginners to competitive swimmers.

As could be no different, the results are available to students instantly upon completion of the assessment. In addition to the results of the current assessment, the student also checks previous results and their evolution on graphs.

In order for the student to have extra motivation for class and until the next assessment, goals are suggested to be achieved with practice.

The teacher visualizes the same information as the student and also has a training table with suggested times for different distances to prescribe speed and endurance series.

Monitoring the learning of swimming techniques is a great indication of how the student's nervous system is adapting and evolving. In parallel, the results of physical capabilities indicate improved fitness. It is these muscle, heart, nerve, etc, stimulated by swimming that ensure the health, quality of life and longevity that well-informed people have been looking for.

Swim track means monitoring, tracking, learning, conditioning, motivating, and evolving. Swimming is “plunging” into the future, and “stroke must be vigorous” to advance new teaching-learning methods and frequent use of technology to assess, engage, motivate and build loyalty.

The future of swimming can have many faces from here, and surely one of them will be the Swim Track. Be in this vanguard.

For more information and a free trial period, visit the website:

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