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Loss Of Leg Creates Meaningful Purpose For Inventor - EZ-Walk Cane & Crutch Pad Now Available At Amazon And Walmart

Trailblazing Mobility Product - EZ-Walk Cane & Crutch Pad

Trailblazing Mobility Product - EZ-Walk Cane & Crutch Pad Now Available Online At Walmart And Amazon

Trailblazing Assistive Device Nominated for 2019 Chicago Innovation Award

CHICAGO, IL, USA, September 9, 2019 / -- After losing his leg 33 years ago, survivor Jerry Vasilatos was faced with a myriad of challenges in his struggle to stay active. Foremost were difficulties when going to the beach, where his crutch tips would sink in the sand and slip in the rocks, preventing him from enjoying the simpler pleasures others might take for granted.

Never one to let adversity stand in his way, this led to his creation of the EZ-Walk Cane & Crutch Pad. The revolutionary device is a lightweight, flexible rubber disc that is easily fastened to traditional cane and crutch stems, making it easy for anyone to navigate beaches as well as move effortlessly across all uneven terrains. The pads also free stand canes and crutches when not in use. The product has sold over 10,000 units and aided thousands of satisfied customers within the past 3 years through his family owned company, American Ventures, Ltd.

"Knowing that solving my own problem has helped thousands of others who use canes and crutches stay active is one of the most fulfilling dreams I could have ever hoped for" Vasilatos shares. "The product was originally introduced as the SandPad™ Landpad, but many people thought that meant it was only for the beach. With feedback from our customers, we recognized we could get past this misconception by offering the pad in alternate branding as the EZ-Walk to promote its parallel usage and value as the all regional, all seasonal cane and crutch accessory for sand, snow, and everything in between. Our alternate branding was just launched this summer.”

Available in English, Spanish and French trilingual packaging, the rebranded EZ-Walk Cane and Crutch Pad has been nominated for a 2019 Chicago Innovation Award after placing as a finalist in 2018. It is available online at Amazon, Walmart, and its dedicated website The EZ-Walk is the only patented crutch and cane tip accessory that provides maximum stability on sand, grass, mud, snow, as well as regular paved surfaces.

American Ventures plans to expand marketing of the EZ-Walk Cane and Crutch Pad into international markets in 2020.

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