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Genscape Launches Solutions for Wind Farms

Louisville, KY, Sept. 05, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- September 5, 2019, Louisville, KY - Genscape, the source of truth and insight for energy markets, is proud to announce Genscape Solutions for Wind Farms - a broad range of dynamic forecasts and tools to help wind farm owners, operators, and project developers optimize their revenues and manage congestion-related risks. 

With wind energy production expected to reach 113GW in the United States by 2020, Genscape recognizes the emerging and unique needs of wind farms in an ever-changing power market. In 2018 alone, 32 of the 50 most impactful transmission constraints in MISO and SPP were driven by regional wind strength.

“Today, wind farm management is more complex than ever before as wind projects increasingly take on congestion and merchant related risks,” said Chris Seiple, Genscape Managing Director for Power. “Electric grid topology constantly changes, volatile weather complicates forecasting, and new wind projects impact pricing and congestion. Our goal is to help clients understand and mitigate these challenges.”

Armed with industry-leading analytics, Genscape’s new suite of solutions covers the entire lifecycle of a wind farm project to keep asset owners and operators aware of infrastructure, weather, and market changes that could impact the value of power at their generators.

Genscape Congestion Study provides a 3-5 year horizon empowering developers and owners with analysis and insights into historic and future congestion drivers for existing or planned wind projects.

Genscape’s Insight Plus provides daily consulting and guidance from a dedicated analyst, combined with one-of-a-kind market views and congestion risk forecasts for specific projects - helping owners and operators optimize performance and hedge congestion risk. 

Genscape’s Empower product is a singular platform that combines Insight Plus with the powerful CongestionIQ Platform to help understand congestion and other market conditions.  The product integrates Genscape’s data sources and is highly configurable to the needs of wind farm owners and operators.

Full Spectrum, powered by Genscape Energy Management, is a best-in-class energy management solution powered by Genscape data and analytics.  With the sole goal of optimizing revenues while managing risk for wind farm asset owners and operators, this solution helps build optimization strategies and mitigate risk.  To learn more about how Genscape

Founded in 1999, Genscape is the leading global provider of real-time data and intelligence for commodity and energy markets.

Today, Genscape operates the world’s largest private network of in-the-field monitors, and added satellite reconnaissance, artificial intelligence, and maritime freight tracking to its data acquisition capabilities. Genscape delivers its unique brand of unsurpassed market intelligence across the commodity and energy spectrum including power, oil, natural gas, NGL, agriculture, biofuels, and maritime freight.

Tara Goode