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Harbor Life Settlements Reshapes Life Settlement Industry

Harbor Life Settlements entrepreneur Lucas Siegel’s new approach puts consumers in control of when and how to sell their life insurance policies for cash.

AUSTIN, TX, USA, July 30, 2019 / -- Harbor Life Settlements Reshapes Life Settlement Industry

Young serial entrepreneur Lucas Siegel’s new approach puts consumers in control of when and how to sell their life insurance policies for cash.

A Whole New Philosophy
It’s challenging to start a business in the first place; and extra challenging to keep it growing; as many businesses fail in their first several years of existence. The ultimate challenge is to build a business based on the fervent belief that it can reshape an entire industry for the better, and succeed at it. That’s what young entrepreneur Lucas Siegel, CEO and founder of Harbor Life Settlements, is working towards, with his startup life settlement company.

Harbor Life Settlements seeks to disrupt the status quo in the industry by offering a streamlined way for seniors to sell their life insurance policy for cash. The life settlement industry has existed for decades; so it wasn’t necessary to start a new company to join the many others who already serve people who wish to sell their life insurance policy. What was needed, Mr. Siegel understood, was a whole new philosophy that would put control in consumers’ hands, and allow them to easily discover the value in cash of their life insurance policies.

Mr. Siegel’s vision for a new focus for the industry began on a very personal note.
"I was strongly motivated by what happened to my grandfather, " Mr. Siegel said. "He reached a point where, in his eyes, his back was up against the wall. He owned a life insurance policy, but as time went on, the premiums became unaffordable. He faced a difficult choice – one that many seniors face every day. Should he continue to pay the skyrocketing premiums and retain the policy, or let the policy lapse, and get out from under the crushing premium payments?" Mr. Siegel recalled his grandfather’s agonizing decision: “He did what he thought was best at the time – he let the policy lapse. If he had only known that he could have sold his life insurance policy for cash, that knowledge could literally have changed his life."

85% of life insurance policies lapse simply because the policyholders don’t know that they have other options. Mr. Siegel keeps his grandfather’s plight top of mind as the driving force behind Harbor Life Settlements. Its team is dedicated to one principle: helping seniors find out how much they can get in cash from the sale of their life insurance policy.

Here’s how it works:
An individual contacts Harbor Life with their inquiry. The Harbor Life team gathers the necessary information about the person’s health, the type of life insurance policy, the death benefit amount of the policy, and other pertinent details. Harbor Life will then work with specific partner brokers who shop the policy to as many providers as possible, which drives the price of the policy up, giving the senior more money. Doing all this on one’s own can be stressful and time consuming. Harbor Life, with over three decades of experience, can streamline the process, and help connect interested seniors with multiple cash offers for their policy more quickly than other methods of obtaining a life or viatical settlement.

"What it all comes down to is giving control of the situation back to seniors, where it should be," Mr. Siegel explained. "Harbor Life can help reduce the stress and anxiety associated with feeling like one doesn’t have any choice but to let a life insurance policy lapse. We can help people sell their policies so they can get the cash they need to fund long term care, and other expenses. And, if seniors don’t wish to sell their policies right away, knowing how much they could get, if they sold their policy, is a comforting thought, as they face rising costs later in life."

Bringing Clarity to the Life Settlement Industry
Mr. Siegel’s startup company continues to break new ground every day, because: "Our job is to educate as many seniors as possible that they do have a choice when it comes to their life insurance policies. We encourage all seniors to not let their policy lapse before they speak to us, first. We want to help people understand that their life insurance policy is an asset, that they can convert into cash, should they choose to do so."

Right now Harbor Life is being featured in several national television commercials to alert seniors to its life settlement and viatical settlement services. Anyone interested in learning more about Harbor Life Settlements and the services it offers, is encouraged to contact the company.

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About Harbor Life
Harbor Life Settlements has over 30 years of experience in the industry, gaining them a reputation as a trusted source for those looking to sell their insurance policy for cash. Their qualified agents understand the complexities of the industry and are ready to consult with policyholders about any questions they may have. Visit their website for a free estimate or to learn more about the various services they provide, including life insurance policy valuations, viatical settlements, and life settlements.

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