P2Sample Releases New Features for its DIY Solution, P2Solo



Tool allows access to latest implementations of automation, artificial intelligence; improvements include upgrades to capabilities & user interface

P2Solo has made the workflow for our team so much easier. We can access it any time of the day, and the P2Sample team is always available to help us use it to its full advantage.”
— Cyrus Deyhimi, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, Paradigm Sample

ATLANTA, GA, USA, July 9, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- P2Sample, a technology-driven sample provider in the market research industry, has added several new features to its do-it-yourself tool, P2Solo. Launched one year ago, this solution gives users full access to P2Sample's advanced technology platform, which utilizes the latest in automation and artificial intelligence to ensure data quality. New upgrades include improvements to the intuitive user interface, project targeting capabilities and live reporting.

"P2Solo has made the workflow for our team so much easier," said Cyrus Deyhimi, Partner and Chief Executive Officer, at Paradigm Sample. "We can access it any time of the day, and the P2Sample team is always available to help us use it to its full advantage. Having access to all their technology implementations, like automation and artificial intelligence, has helped us create efficiencies in important areas like respondent engagement."

P2Solo allows users to launch projects with budget restraints in place, granularly target respondents and manage each step of the process. New features give users:

Ability to set restrictions and automatically receive sample that falls within budgetary guidelines
Access to live insights on in-field projects all in one place, including completes, conversion and costs
Better targeting with custom profilers, ability to exclude past project participants and quota management
Ease of use with improvements to invoicing communications and project management assignments
Heightened reporting capabilities with insights into individual member access, status and CPI

P2Solo allows users to enjoy the benefits of property implemented automation for maximum dependability, alongside access to P2Sample’s expert project managers and round-the-clock monitoring system. Respondent engagement and fraud mitigation technology is built-in and gives the opportunity for users to gain better quality insights.

“We created this solution so that users were able to manage their own projects from start to finish with just the click of a button, all while accessing the power that drives P2Sample’s platform,” said Mathijs de Jong, CEO of P2Sample. “As with all of our tools, we make improvements based on advances in technology and active user feedback. The latest features added to P2Solo result in heightened usability across the board.”

For more information visit: https://www.p2sample.com/p2solo

About P2Sample
P2Sample operates the market research industry’s most sophisticated sample and panel platform for clients seeking targeted respondents for consumer insights. P2Sample’s fully-automated platform programmatically integrates with hundreds of sample suppliers and allows efficient management of proprietary panels. This includes the industry’s largest panel companies, exchanges and marketplaces. In addition, the platform provides access to 60+ million deeply profiled and engaged consumers across 150+ countries. Featuring the industry’s only AI-driven fraud detection and respondent engagement systems, P2Sample’s technology works with a wide variety of methodologies, including traditional surveys; the latest in neuroscience and behavioral approaches; and online qualitative and video studies. For more information, visit p2sample.com or follow at @P2Sample


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