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Samuel Lehrer of Miami Participates in Navy SEAL Bi-annual Golf Tournament in Jupiter, FL

Samuel Lehrer of Miami

MIAMI, FLORIDA, USA, July 3, 2019 / -- Besides supporting the Island Time Music Festival and Fishing Tournament, Samuel Lehrer of Miami is active in a bi-annual golf tournament that raises funds for retired and ex-Navy SEALs. Thanks to his and other participants’ involvement, the tournament raises tens of thousands of dollars that improve the retired lives of one of the most respected branches of the armed forces and upholds their legacy.

Samuel Lehrer of Miami and his family are longtime contributors to a range of charities and
nonprofits that aim to provide a better life for the disadvantaged. Their efforts strengthen communities and empower the less fortunate both in their own city and afar.

In the past, they’ve worked to raise funds and awareness for nonprofits on the small but lively community in Isla Mujeres, Mexico. There, they especially focused on improving the Little Yellow School House, which aims to equip children in their community who have learning disabilities prepare for educational success. Most of the financial support for the school comes from the Island Time Festival and Fishing Tournament, which Samuel Lehrer of Miami and his family are regular contributors.

“The Little Yellow School House has grown in a short amount of time thanks to all the support from the annual events held here,” says Samuel Lehrer of Miami. “They've expanded from a single-room facility to a learning center with six classrooms, many full-time teachers, and dozens of students who receive intensive care and education.”

He is also a regular contributor to the Navy SEAL bi-annual golf tournament which takes place at the Admirals Cove golf course in Jupiter, FL. The tournament raises funds for two purposes: the first, to give aid to the retired Navy SEALs; and the second, to support the National Navy SEAL Museum.

The golfing tournament takes place over a full weekend, and the event kicks off on Friday afternoon with an unnamed SEAL parachuting from a black hawk helicopter onto the 18th hole of the course. From there, participants head over to an exclusive mixer/dinner for donors, private residents, and SEALs to mingle.

The actual tournament starts early Saturday afternoon where each SEAL at the event is paired with one private donor or resident from Admirals Cove to compete. After the day’s tournament, participants head over to another exclusive dinner and evening of fun at the Marina and clubhouse. Sunday morning is the final day of the tournament and ends with a special SEAL demonstration where Navy SEALs fast-rope from a helicopter, demonstrate skilled hand to hand combat, and reenact a K9 "takedown" for spectators.

Each year, the fundraiser brings out a handful of the military’s most elite who join with the event’s supporters to golf and share stories with other national heroes. It’s a time of community and a time for honoring the great of achievements of the specialized military branch through financial support so that their legacy lives on for generations.

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