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Rezūm BPH Therapy Now Available in Quebec and Canada

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Treat Swollen Prostate With Steam

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Dr. Kevin Zorn, Urologist

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SanoMed Prostate Clinic Montreal

Rezūm water vapour therapy offers effective and non-invasise treatment.

Rezūm water vapour therapy is a safe, effective and Canadian guidelines approved BPH treatment that can offer longer term relief from symptoms without the risks and discomfort of surgery.”
— Dr. Kevin Zorn
MONTREAL, QUEBEC, CANADA, June 27, 2019 / -- Rezūm BPH Treatment Now in Montreal

SanoMed Prostate Clinic is pleased to announce the Rezūm water vapour therapy for benign prostatic hyperplasia (BPH) is now available in the province of Quebec.

The SanoMed prostate clinic in the West Island of Montreal is the first to provide the new Rezūm treatment in the city of Montreal and in the province of Quebec. SanoMed offers Rezūm for men from any province and clients from Ontario and the Maritime provinces are welcome.

Rezūm water vapour therapy is a safe, effective and Canadian guidelines approved BPH treatment that can offer longer term relief from symptoms of benign prostatic hyperplasia without the risks and discomfort of surgery.

SanoMed is the first clinic to offer Rezūm in Quebec and Eastern Canada.

About Rezum BPH Therapy

The therapy is a minimally invasive treatment for an enlarged prostate that uses controlled doses of hot steam to directly ablate and reduce portions of the swollen prostate that are causing obstruction of the urethra.

Rezūm has undergone rigorous studies and is recommended by the 2018 Canadian Urological Association guideline as a minimally invasive BPH symptom reduction method for men interested in retaining preserving erectile and ejaculatory function.

It was also approved by the US FDA in 2015 for treatment of an enlarged prostate, with now over 4 years data followup.

Traditionally, patients suffering from BPH relied on either medication therapy or invasive surgery to treat their enlarged prostate.

Medications can relax the muscles around the prostate or help shrink the prostate, so urine can flow more easily. Surgical options can remove or reduce excess prostate tissue, and carry the expected risks of any surgical intervention. While medications are effective for BPH treatment relief, they must be taken indefinately and have sexual (erectile, ejaculatory, libido) and other side effects.

With global growth in minimally invasive treatment options (MIST therapies), interest has risen for non-surgical intervention as a preferred therapy, when applicable, to avoid the higher risks of complications or side effects associated with traditional surgery or medical treatments for benign prostate hyperplasia.

"Men who wake up to urinate several times a night, those with weakened urinary stream and those who have the sensation of incomplete bladder emptying may be suffering from BPH and should consult their physician for further investigation,” says Dr. Zorn. The range of treatment options available means that men with bothersome BPH symptoms are likely to find relief and do not need to live with the problem.

Please contact SanoMed directly for information or to book an appointment in the coming weeks.

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Rezum BPH Therapy Explained