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Spices & Seasonings: Insights Into & Future of the Global Market (2016-2024)

/EIN News/ -- Dublin, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The "Spices and Seasonings: Global Market Analysis, Trends, and Forecasts" report has been added to's offering.

The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan, Europe, Asia-Pacific, Middle East & Africa, and Latin America. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period 2016 through 2024. Also, a five-year historic analysis is provided for these markets.

This report analyzes the worldwide markets for Spices and Seasonings in Metric Tons by the following Product Segments:

  • Dehydrated Onion/Garlic
  • Mustard Seed
  • Pepper
  • Sesame Seed
  • Paprika
  • Cinnamon
  • Others

The report profiles 154 companies including many key and niche players such as:

  • Ajinomoto Co., Inc. (Japan)
  • Ariake Japan Company Limited (Japan)
  • Asenzya (USA)
  • British Pepper & Spice Company Limited (The United Kingdom)
  • B&G Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • CaJohns Fiery Foods (USA)
  • Char Crust, Inc. (USA)
  • Frontier Natural Products Co-op. (USA)
  • Fuchs North America (USA)
  • Golden West Specialty Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Goya Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Griffith Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Harris Freeman & Company Inc. (USA)
  • Italpepe srl (Italy)
  • KIS CO. Ltd. (Japan)
  • McCormick & Co., Inc. (USA)
  • Lawry's (USA)
  • Mehran Spice & Food Industries (Pakistan)
  • Neptune Food Products Ltd. (Israel)
  • Newly Weds Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Old Mansion Foods (USA)
  • Old World Spices & Seasonings (USA)
  • Oregon Spice Company (USA)
  • Rocky Mountain Spice Company (USA)
  • S&B Foods Inc. (Japan)
  • Synthite Industries Ltd. (India)
  • The Bart Ingredients Company Ltd. (The United Kingdom)
  • The Spice Way (USA)
  • Vanns Spices Ltd. (USA)
  • Victoria Gourmet, Inc. (USA)
  • WILD Flavors GmbH (Germany)
  • Williams Foods, Inc. (USA)
  • Wixon (USA)
  • Xcell International Corp. (USA)

Key Topics Covered


Spices and Seasonings: Imparting Flavor, Aroma, and Good Health to Food in Fresh, Dried, Broken, Whole, and Powdered Form
Spices and Seasonings: Essential Building Blocks of Flavor and Taste in Food
Trends & Drivers in a Nutshell
Market Challenges in a Nutshell
Popular Flavor Trends in a Nutshell
Major Spice Producing Countries Worldwide
Leading Spice Producing Countries and the Respective Spices Grown in the Country
Onions and Dehydrated Onions: China and India Lead Global Onions Production, while the United States Dominate Dehydrated Onions
Mustard Seeds: Canada is the Leading Producer Worldwide
List of Leading Mustard Seed Exporters and Importers Worldwide
Pepper: Vietnam Dominates Global Production, followed by India
Black Pepper: Vietnam Overtakes India in Terms of Production
White Pepper: China is the Leading Producer Worldwide
Chili: India Continues to Remain the Largest Global Producer
Sesame Seeds: Tanzania is the Leading Producer Worldwide
Paprika: China Dominates Global Production
Cinnamon: Indonesia and China Lead Global Production
India Leads Cumin Exports, while Guatemala Dominates Cardamom Production
Global Market Outlook
Developed Countries Dominate, While Developing Countries Spearhead Growth
India: Shaping a Flourishing Future in the Global Spice Market
Closest Contenders for India in Production and Exports of Select Spices

Growing Popularity of Spices as Natural Ingredients with Exceptional Ability to Transform Simple Dish into a Special Cuisine Drives Healthy Market Growth
Commonly Used Spices in Ethnic Cuisine: Common Name, Botanical Name, and Part of the Plant
Flavor/Taste Profile of Select Spices and Herbs
Growing Preference for Mexican, Asian, and Middle Eastern Cuisine Benefit Demand
Bold Spices Benefit from Growing Appetite for International Cuisine with Authentic Ethnic Flavors
Hot' is Hot
Mushrooming Ethnic Restaurants: A Key Growth Factor
Pepper: The King of Spices Sets the Tone for Growth of the Global Spice Market
Uses of Various Pepper Types
The Urgent Need to Enable Effective Maintenance of Health and Wellbeing the Natural Way: Foundation for Market Expansion
Determining the Significance of Culinary Spices and Herbs in Health Maintenance
Changing Lifestyles Drive Robust Demand for Spices with Medical Properties
Select Healing Spices and Herbs
Spices and Herbs and their Antimicrobial Components
Select Spices and their Antimicrobial Function
Herbs and Spices as Antioxidant Additives in Food Preparations
Select Spices with Anti-oxidant Properties
Antioxidant ORAC Value Comparisons of Various Spices and Other Foods
Focus on Disease Prevention than Treatment Boosts Demand for Various Therapeutic Spices
Spices Show the Thermogenic Way to Healthy Living
Cinnamon: Health and Wellness Benefits
Improves Insulin Sensitivity
Reduces Oxidative Stress of Metabolic Syndrome
Aids in Lowering Blood Sugar
Destroys E.Coli Microorganism
Oregano: Medical Properties and Benefits
Health Benefits of Chili
Ginger: Health and Wellness Benefits
Relieves Motion Sickness and Sea Sickness
Nausea Treatment
Garlic: The Wonder Spice of the World
Antimicrobial Action
Sprouted Garlic for Healthy Lifestyle
Anti-Cancer Properties
Prevention of Heart Diseases, Atherosclerosis, and Diabetes
The Immune Booster for AIDS
Rising Women Employment and the Resulting Preference for Convenience Cooking Boosts Consumption
Savory: A Flavor to Savor
Herbs and Spices Provide Sustainable Therapeutic Solution in Poultry Production and Health, Augurs Well for the Market
Burgeoning Demand from the Food Industry Provides Growth Opportunities for Various Spices and Seasonings
Growing Popularity of Organic Food and Beverages Spurs Demand for Organic Spices and Seasonings
Natural Seasonings: A Booming Market
Carotenoid Pigments Content and Other Benefits Drive Demand for Paprika
Antidepressant, Antiseptic, Antioxidant and Anticonvulsant Properties Drive Demand for Saffron despite the High Cost
Extensive Application as a Flavoring Agent Drives Growth in Oleoresin Consumption
The Low Salt Trend Drive Proliferation of Salt-less and Reduced Salt Spice Mixtures
Value-Added Spices Kindles Market Growth
Increasing Focus on Weight Management Spurs Demand for Spices that Aid Weight Loss
Select Spices and Herbs that Aid Weight Loss
Obesity Factsheet
Spice-Based Natural Essential Oils: The Future of Preservatives
Spice Oils Find Increasing Applications in Beauty, Hygiene, and Pharma Products
FLAVO DROP: A Recent Innovation in Spice World
Spice Dispensers & Mills Bundled with Spices
Paprikum Spice Grinder for Dried Spices: A Recent Innovation
Favorable Demographic and Economic Trends Strengthen Market Prospects
Ballooning Global Population and Exponential Increase in Urbanization
Aging Population: A Weighty Growth Driver
Growing Middle Class Population
India & China: Important Potential Future Markets
Contaminated Spice Imports: A Growing Concern
Common Microorganisms Found in Spices
Tackling the Burden of Food Borne Illnesses
Major Procurement Concerns Impede Growth Prospects for the Spices Market

A Prelude
Spices and Herbs Become a Hot Trading Commodity
The Spice Route of Discoveries
Buying Considerations
Storing Considerations
How the Products are Used?
Popular Spices
Shelf Life of Spices and Herbs
Shelf Life of Spices and Herbs based on Plant Part from which they are Obtained: Whole Vs. Ground
Herb Vs. Spice
Spices also Includes Herbs
Major Spices
What Makes Chilies Hot'?
Types of Cinnamon
Uses of Cinnamon
Culinary Benefits of Cinnamon
Varieties of Oregano
Spice Products
Spice Oils
Spice Oleoresins
Uses of Spices
Post Production Process: Transport, Storage and Packaging

Competition in the Marketplace Characterized by High Level of Fragmentation
McCormick and Company Inc.: The Global Market Leader
Leading Companies Worldwide by Select Product Type
Black Pepper
Difficult Period Forecasted for Pepper Producers in the Near Term
Competition: Noteworthy Trends
Health & All Natural Flavors: The New Buzz Words for Product Success
New, Emerging Flavors in Major Food Categories
New Roles for Spices, Herbs, and Extracts
New Stimulating Blends of Spices and Flavors Introduced
Pairing of Spices
Research Backed Ingredients and Media Coverage: Vital for Success in the Marketplace

5.1 Focus on Select Global Players

5.2 Product Innovations/Introductions
Schwartz Launches New Street Food Seasonings
McCormick Gourmet Announces New Organic Global Seasonings
Fuchs North America Introduces the Oktoberfest Collection Seasonings
Colman's Launches Four New Meal Makers and Seasoning Blends
Schwartz Launches Brand-New Street Food Seasonings with Single-Use Sachet Designs
Cole & Mason Announces Several New Spices and Seasoning Blends
Fuchs North America Introduces the Modern Comforts Seasonings and Blends
Hidden Valley Launches New Seasoning Shaker
Frontier Co-op Introduces Turmeric Twist Blends
Fuchs North America Introduces the Island Inspirations Seasonings
Fuchs North America Introduces the South Asian Seasonings and Blends
Nestl Nigeria launches Maggi Naija Pot Food Seasoning Cube
McCormick Launches 40 New Seasoning Products
Sugarmade Announces the Availability of Sriracha Seasoning Stix
Fuchs North America Introduces Summer Sensations Seasonings and Blends
Just Spices Announces the Availability of New Blends for U.S. Consumers
Pratt Guy Unveils Uncle Tub Tub Rub
S&B Foods Launches Two New Spice Paste Products
Fuchs North America Introduces African Exploration Seasonings and Blends
ITC Launches ITC Master Chef Brand Spices
J.R. Watkins' Staple Gourmet Spices Available in Vintage Tins Pack
S&B Foods Announces the New Flavor of Spaghetti Sauce and Spicy Sesame
Kitchen Crafted Launches BLND Gluten-Free Seasonings
Fuchs North America Introduces the Game Day Glory III Collection of Seasonings

5.3 Recent Industry Activity
Ajinomoto to Form Ajinomoto Food Manufacturing Co., Ltd
Hellman's Partners with Tabasco Brand Pepper Sauce
Palladium Partners with Spice World
ADM to Acquire Rodelle
Hot Shots Distributing Acquires the CaJohns Fiery Foods
IFF Acquires Frutarom
Kalustyan Acquires CrossRoads Spices & Seasonings
Blue Point Acquires Italian Rose Gourmet Products
Evanston Partners Acquires Southern Seasonings Inc.
Fuchs Group Acquires Bart Ingredients
The Canadian Private Investment Group Acquires Malabar



7.1 The United States
A. Market Analysis
Expanding Food Industry Drives Steady Growth in Demand in the World's Largest Spices Market
Spices Rewrite the Joys of Cooking
Dehydrated Onion/Garlic Leads the Pack
Organic & Fresh Spices: A Promising Space
Retail and Food Service Outlets Represent Dominant End-use Sectors
Consumer Shift towards Healthier Lifestyles to Drive Demand for Health Enhancing Spices
Health Concerns among American Consumers
Spices and Herbs Offer Health Benefits
Spices and Herbs Offer Effective Solution to Cut Sodium Intake
Benefits of Natural Ingredients
Garlic Extensively Used to Avert Cardiovascular Diseases
Aging Population: A Weighty Growth Driver
Surging Demand for Spicier Food Boosts Pepper Consumption
Fiery Ethnic Foods Gain Popularity
Exotic, Non-traditional Spices and Seasonings Witness Growing Preference
Expanding Hispanic Population Dictate Demand for Ethnic Spices
Seasoning Savvy
Consumers & Restaurants Embracing International Flavors Benefit Market Adoption
Asian and African Flavors Enjoy High Popularity among US Consumers
Surging Demand for Mediterranean Food
Latin American Foods Steadily Gain Ground
Trend towards Natural Flavors Spur Interest in Seasonings and Spices
America's Obesity Pandemic Makes Spices & Seasonings Lean and Healthy
Key Factors Contributing to Rising Incidence of Obesity in the US
Food Media Proliferation Provides the Perfect Platform for Market Penetration
Favorable Labeling Regulations Drive Demand for Gluten-Free Spices & Seasonings
Herbs and Spices
Seasonings in Foods
Seasoning Mixes
Manufacturers' Efforts to Specify Ingredients
Mustards Find Increasing Applications in Condiment, Sauces, and Glazes
The American Spice Trade Association
Food Safety Modernization Act (FSMA): Aiming to Reduce Spices and Food Borne Contamination
Competitive Landscape
McCormick: Market Leader in the US Spices and Seasonings Market
Distribution Landscape: Supermarkets & Grocery Stores are Primary Channels
B. Market Analytics

7.2 Canada
A. Market Analysis
Canada: A Leading Producer and Exporter of Mustard Seeds Worldwide
Types of Mustard Seed Produced
Yellow Mustard
Brown Mustard
Oriental Mustard
Domestic Use of Mustard
Competitive Landscape
B. Market Analytics

7.3 Japan
A. Market Analysis
Continued Preference for Native Spices Sustain Market Growth
Common Japanese Spices
Nanami Chili Pepper
Yuzu Kosho
Momiji Oroshi
Processed Wasabi
Curry Powder
Growing Base of Health-Conscious Elderly: Major Growth Driver
Diversification of Eating Habits Benefit Foreign Spices
Distribution Landscape for Spice Imports
B. Market Analytics

7.4 Europe
A. Market Analysis
Rising Interest in Novel Tastes, Healthy Lifestyle, and Sustainability and Convenience Factors Drive Market Growth
Export Requirements
Value-Added Spices
Ground/Crushed Spices
Consumer-Packaged Spices
Key Trends in the European Spices Market Summarized
Trend towards Ethnic Foods
Adoption of Healthier Lifestyle
Rising Demand for Organic Products
Convenience Gains Importance
Focus on Sustainability Rises
Buyers Move towards Origin Countries
Value Addition through Local Testing and Processing of Products
Strengthening Relationship with Suppliers
Mismatch between Production and Demand
Europe: A Matured yet Growing Market for Various Spices
Cinnamon and Cassia
Cumin and Coriander Seeds
Dried Ginger
Sesame Seeds
Growing Demand for Processed Foods and Ready-to-use Spice Mixtures in the EU
Industrial Sector
Retail Sector
Catering Sector
Brands to Spice up Europe's Seasonings Market
Varied Spice Formats Preferences across Europe
Millennials: Adventurous with Seasonings
Baby Boomers: Key Consumer Segment with Huge Potential
European Spices Market: Competitive Landscape
Opportunities for New Entrants
Threat of Substitution
Competition among Companies
Decreasing Buyer Power
Increasing Supplier Power
Direct Sourcing & Sustainability Gains Attention
Spice and Herbs Distribution Channels in the European Union
Brokers or Agents
Traders or Importers
Grinders or Processors
Distribution Channels for Spices and Herbs
European Regulatory Environment: An Overview
EU Reinforces Regulations on Labeling
European Quality Standards for Spices and Herbs
B. Market Analytics

7.4.1 France
Market Analysis

7.4.2 Germany
A. Market Analysis
Germany: Largest Consumer and Importer of Spices in the EU
B. Market Analytics

7.4.3 Italy
Market Analysis

A. Market Analysis
The United Kingdom: A Major Blender, Grinder, and Processor of Spices
Demand Rises for Salt-Free Spice Blends with Fewer Chemical Additives
Focus on Sustainable Sourcing
Seasonings and Condiments Manufacturing in the UK
Food Seasonings Fare Well in the UK
Health Concerns Bring Mixed Fortunes to the Seasoning Sector
Competitive Landscape
B. Market Analytics

7.4.5 Spain
A. Market Analysis
Spain: A Leading Producer of Peppers and Dry Chilies in Europe
B. Market Analytics

7.4.6 Russia
Market Analysis

Market Analysis

7.5 Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Spices and Seasonings Market to Post Strong Growth in Developing Asian Countries
B. Market Analytics

7.5.1 China
A. Market Analysis
China: A High Growth Market
US Levies Heavy Anti-Dumping Tariff on Chinese Garlic
B. Market Analytics

7.5.2 INDIA
A. Market Analysis
Bright Outlook Projected for the Indian Spices and Seasonings Market
India: The Land of Spices' Continues to be the Spice Bowl' of the World
Historical Significance of Indian Spices
Spice Cultivating States in India
List of Major Spices Growing States in India by Spice Variety
Type/Variety of Sesame Seeds Harvested in Select States of India
Huge Demand for Indian Spices across the World
Increase in Prices of Fresh Onions Benefit Demand for Dehydrated Onions
Focus on Sustainability Rises in the Indian Spices Market
Sustainable Spices Initiative (SSI)
Spices Board Dons a Vital Role in Uplifting the Indian Spice Industry
A Snapshot of Select Spices Managed by the Spices Board
Codex Alimentarius Commission
Regulatory Environment
New Standards for Spices
Indian Spices Board Considers New Measures to Face Competition from Vietnam
India Promotes R&D Projects to Develop Value-Addition Techniques
B. Market Analytics

7.5.3 Rest of Asia-Pacific
A. Market Analysis
Select Regional Markets
Indonesian Exports of Select Spices by Main Destinations
Sri Lanka
B. Market Analytics

A. Market Analysis
Nigeria: One of the Major Exporters of Sesame Seeds
B. Market Analytics

7.7 Latin America
A. Market Analysis
Spices and Seasonings: A Key Component of Latin American Cuisines
B. Market Analytics

7.7.1 Brazil
A. Market Analysis
B. Market Analytics

7.7.2 Rest of Latin America
Market Analysis


Total Companies Profiled: 154 (including Divisions/Subsidiaries - 170)

  • The United States (54)
  • Canada (1)
  • Japan (5)
  • Europe (63)
    • France (4)
    • Germany (16)
    • The United Kingdom (14)
    • Italy (4)
    • Spain (3)
    • Rest of Europe (22)
  • Asia-Pacific (Excluding Japan) (42)
  • Middle East (3)
  • Latin America (1)
  • Africa (1)

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