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Bellwyck Pharma Services on Growth Path

/EIN News/ -- Expands Cold Storage Space in U.S., Adds Packaging Services in EU

BURLINGTON, Ontario, June 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Bellwyck Pharma Services, a leader in primary and secondary packaging and labeling for the clinical trial and commercial drug markets, continues to invest in its global reach and capabilities with a recent facility expansion. Construction on the expansion is now complete. 

To support growing customer demand, the expansion increases Bellwyck’s cold chain and controlled temperature storage and packaging capabilities at its U.S. facility in West Chester, Ohio. The facility will now accommodate an additional 46,000 cubic feet of cold storage and will provide the additional space needed for packaging these temperature-controlled pharmaceuticals.  Additionally, the expansion includes a further 230,000 cubic feet of 15-25°C storage.

“Growth in cold chain products is estimated to be twice the rate of the overall pharma market, and we have seen significant growth in the need for cold chain environments,” said Greg Keizer, president of Bellwyck Pharma Services. “Our clinical trial and commercial drug customers not only require more innovative packaging solutions that can withstand cold and frozen temperatures, but these drugs must also be consistently stored and distributed in these conditions without variation of temperature. Our most recent expansion will accommodate these needs and we are fortunate to be in a position of growth to keep up with the demand in the market.”   

Bellwyck’s U.S. expansion further broadens its reach and capabilities as the company continues on its growth path. In 2018, Bellwyck announced a joint venture agreement with August Faller GmbH & Co. which expanded its offering in Europe and in April of 2019, it added packaging services at its German facility to meet the global needs of its customers. 

“Our customers trust us with storing, packaging and distributing their clinical trial materials that need refrigeration, frozen and ultra-frozen environments,” said Leah Tufts, Vice President of Bellwyck Pharma Services, US Operations. “Without the proper regulations and strict standards that we follow, the quality and efficacy of these drugs can be compromised. We know the success of their trial is in our hands and we take this very seriously which is why we continue to invest in these capabilities.”

About Bellwyck
For more than 80 years, Bellwyck has been providing Package Smart™ solutions. In 1994, Bellwyck’s pharma and clinical packaging division was formed with a core team committed to a culture of innovation, quality and exceptional service. Headquartered in Toronto, Canada, Bellwyck Pharma Services has been building its global infrastructure of facilities and depots to support clinical trial and commercial packaging needs for 25 years. Its services include primary and secondary packaging and labeling, controlled-temperature storage and distribution and returns and destruction management.

Greg Keizer