Electro Scan Inc. Named to Red Herring’s 2019 Top 100 List of North American Private Companies

Next generation machine-intelligent leak detection overcomes drawbacks of acoustic sensors and closed-circuit television to locate and measure leaks in Gallons per Minute (Liters per Second).

Defects identified and measured in minutes allowing new construction to be certified immediately following installation.

Patented Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) added to a standard CCTV truck or van.

Electro Scan Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) allows utilities to test full-length 360-degree Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) to precisely locate and measure leaks.

SaaS-based pipeline quality assessment immediately accessible on the web..

Disruptive Machine-Intelligent Inspection Technology Replaces Legacy Techniques to Manage & Deliver Quality Pipeline Assessment and Construction Projects

Successful pipeline condition assessment doesn’t come from what you occasionally find. It comes from what you consistently find & repeatedly measure in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.”
— Carissa Boudwin
PASADENA, CA, USA, May 28, 2019 /EINPresswire.com/ -- Electro Scan Inc. has been named to Red Herring’s prestigious annual list of the Top 100 North American private companies.

“We are delighted to be selected as a Top 100 North American company,” stated Carissa Boudwin, Electro Scan’s Vice President, Marketing.

“Our machine-intelligent products and services are overhauling how municipal and investor-owned utilities assess & certify pipeline watertightness,” stated Boudwin.

Ms. Boudwin presented company highlights at Red Herring’s two-day conference May 14 & 15, 2019 at the Westin Hotel, Pasadena, California, where companies were judged by industry experts, insiders and journalists on a wide variety of criteria including financial performance, innovation, business strategy, and market penetration.

“2019’s crop of Top 100 winners has been among our most intriguing yet,” said Alex Vieux, Chairman, Red Herring. “North America has led the way in tech for so many years, and to see such unique, pioneering entrepreneurs and companies here in California, which is in many ways the heartland of the industry, has been a thrilling experience.

“What has excited me most is to see so many people forging niches in high-tech and cutting edge sectors,” added Vieux. “Some of the technical wizardry and first-rate business models showcased here at the conference has been fantastic to learn about. We believe Electro Scan embodies the drive, skill and passion on which tech thrives. Electro Scan should be proud of its achievement - the competition was incredibly strong.”

Electro Scan offers utility infrastructure owners a smart technology to automatically and precisely locate pipeline leaks based on its U.S. and European patented and patent-pending technology.

"Given the trillion-dollar price tag for fixing worldwide sewer & water pipeline infrastructure, utilities can now use Focused Electrode Leak Location (FELL) to help prioritize their capital spending programs and ensure ratepayers are ‘getting what they paid for’," stated Chuck Hansen, Founder & Chairman, Electro Scan Inc. "Utilities and engineering firms can easily reference ASTM F2550-13 (reapproved in 2018), as part of CIPP lining and new pipe construction specifications to ensure uniform product quality and structural integrity."

The company's low voltage leak detection technology is also featured in the new American Water Works Association (AWWA) Manual of Practice M77 Condition Assessment of Water Mains, First Edition. As a non-acoustic technology, not subject to ambient noise or pressure gradients, Electro Scan is unique in its ability to detect leaks in all water distribution networks; especially plastic and high-density polyethylene (HDPE) pipe.

Traditionally, municipal and investor-owned utilities have relied either on visual inspection (to see) or acoustic sensors (to hear) leaks. But, these 'legacy' technologies miss or inaccurately locate 80-100% of leaks, without the ability to reliably determine leak size expressed in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.

In contrast, the company's machine-intelligent technology delivers an unbiased, unambiguous, and repeatable leak identification within 0.4 inches (1cm) – the most accurate in the water industry – including an estimated Gallon per Minute (Liters per Second) leakage rate to efficiently & effectively prioritize capital investments and certify new construction.

The breakthrough technology allows water utilities to establish strict quality assurance standards and update their contract requirements to reflect watertightness limits.

Today’s announcement follows Electro Scan’s recent selection to the 2019 Fast Company Annual List of The World’s Most Innovative Companies and the 2019 GovTech 100 list of Top Government Technology companies.

Urban flooding, water shortages, and sewer overflows are the result of inadequate and leaking pipeline systems. Physical infrastructure rehabilitation and replacement costs are staggering and municipal utility owners everywhere are faced with optimizing capital expenditures and maximizing cost avoidance.

“The municipal pipeline & trenchless rehabilitation market is struggling because of a crisis of trust, and we’re happy to have our technology be part of the independent assessment and construction approval process,” stated Hansen.

An industry expert and multi-patentholder, Hansen founded Hansen Software Inc. in 1983, one of the first global asset management systems dedicated to managing complex underground sewer and water infrastructure systems.

“Successful pipeline condition assessment doesn’t come from what you occasionally find,” stated Boudwin. “It comes from what you consistently find & repeatedly measure in Gallons per Minute or Liters per Second.”

It has been found that CCTV or visual inspection may inadvertently approve Cured-In-Place Pipe (CIPP) projects without 'seeing' where water can freely pass through recently installed liners.

A key capability of Electro Scan's technology is the ability to detect leaks in newly installed and existing CIPP that may be subject to a variety of quality assurance/quality control practices during installation, including but not limited to:

- Accelerant Burns
- Accidental Cuts
- Bad Service Reconnections
- Bad Lateral Liners
- Blisters
- Delamination
- Defective Epoxy
- Equipment Damage After Installation
- Foreign Objects
- Pinholes
- Poor, Incomplete, or Uneven Curing
- Overcooking
- Stretching
- Top-Hat Defects
- Use of Lower Than Recommended Resin-to-Felt Ratios
- Wet-Out Failures
- Wrinkles, including Buckling, Fins, Folds, Lifts, & Ridges

This week's announcement coincides with its upcoming attendance at next month’s BlueTech Forum in London and American Water Works Association ACE19 annual conference in Denver, CO.

Following Electro Scan’s Top 100 win, Electro Scan is invited to the next step, which is to present at the Red Herring Top 100 Global event in November that will encompass the best companies from the Top 100 Europe, North America, and Asia.

Founded in 2011, the company designs, develops, markets, and supports technology services for pipeline condition assessment, environmental compliance monitoring, and independent rehabilitation effectiveness. Headquartered in Sacramento, California, the company sells and licenses equipment to local governments and utilities to conduct their own pipeline testing and offers a Technology-as-a-Service solution in partnership with authorized contractors.


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