Twenty-eight Flag Display Events Will Fly 17,337 U.S. Flags this Memorial Day to Honor Our Veterans

Join with Colonial Flag Foundation in Honoring Our Veterans this Memorial Day

Benefiting Charity - Operation Ramp It Up for Veterans - via the VA Foundation

Hosted by: The Arlington Memorial Gardens

Benefiting Charity - Project Healing Water Fly Fishing & Pets for Vets

Hosted by: The City Of Eagle Idaho

Benefiting Charity - Building Veterans

Hosted by: Knights of Columbus

Benefiting Charity -Archdiocese for Military Services, USA

Hosted by: St Patrick School

Not just a day for "Gigantic Mattress Sales," but a day to revive the meaning of Memorial Day with the display of 17,337 U.S. Flags in 28 U.S. cities & town.

It is foolish and wrong to morn the men who died. Rather we should thank God such men lived.”
— General George S. Patton
UNITED STATES, May 23, 2019 / -- Colonial Flag Foundation Memorial Day Flag Displays

Visitors to Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag displays experience a breathtaking view as numerous flags flutter in the wind. First-timers often find this affects them more than they expected. At the Colonial Flag Foundation headquarters, we hear repeated comments such as, “I thought it would be beautiful, but I had no idea how amazing the experience would be.”

Having visited many of our flag displays, we understand. Our problem, however, is that we are unable to visit all these amazing events. This Memorial Day, for example, 17,337 United States Flags will fly in 28 Field of Honor® and Healing Field® displays located in 13 states. Like proud parents of large families, we love each of our offspring and imagine that some may become tired of our constant bragging.
Nevertheless, we have a lot to brag about, and it is all true. As a matter of fact 20 of the 28 hosting organizations are bringing return events to their communities. As we talk with them we learn of their amazing accomplishments. Six have hosted events for more than ten years. These repeating events have also inspired 8 first-time displays to join with them.

This all recounts the impact that the flag displays have in drawing the community together to honor heroes who have earned respect and appreciation. We often note on event web pages that each flag tells a story, and we have learned the impact that the displayed flags have for families and sponsors.

There is, however, another benefit resulting from Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag display events. The 28 events posting flags this Memorial Day will through their event raise money for 30 causes. The number 30 is important as it means that each of the 28 hosting organizations selected their own benefiting charity, and two events named two charities. It follows, then, that the proceeds from these events remain in the local communities to benefit local causes. Service clubs have programs that benefit numerous local programs. Other named charities benefit veterans, police, fire fighters and support numerous local causes. Last year alone, Colonial Flag Foundation events raised over a million dollars for charity.

We will visit as many flag display events as possible, but we can’t make it to all. Nevertheless, we encourage those who can visit a Field of Honor® or Healing Field® flag display to not miss the opportunity. The flag displays may be visited without cost. Each event is a gift to the local community made possible by the hard work and planning of host organizations and dedicated volunteers.

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Please support these events through flag sponsorships and donations. Field of Honor® and Healing Field® flag displays return so much to their communities on so many levels. If there is one in your area, spread the word and bring your family & friends.

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