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Newdex Completed the Deployment of Smart Contract, Making Decentralized Trading Popular!

Recently, the security incidents of Centralized Exchanges frequently happened.

NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, May 18, 2019 / -- Recently, the security incidents of Centralized Exchanges frequently happened. Binance announced that 7,000 bitcoins were stolen, informed users that their assets are safe, and the losses would be fully borne by “SAFU Fund” immediately in the announcement, which appease the user's emotions to a large extent.

At present, the Decentralized Exchange of Binance has already met with users. It can be seen that Decentralized Exchange will be a major breakthrough in the digital currency trading scenario.

Newdex, the world’s largest EOS based Decentralized Exchange (, completed the deployment of smart contract on chain recently, and will further explore the decentralized landing model.

Newdex said that the smart contract will be submitted to SlowMist Technology for security audit after completion. After the official launch, smart contract will be tried in trading pair with small trading volume. Owing to smart contract is transparent, Exchange is very cautious to the online application of smart contract.

On April 22, 2018, hacker used BatchOverFlow bug in the ETH ERC-20 smart contract to attack the BEC (BEC token "Beauty Chain") smart contract and transferred an immense amount of BEC token to two addresses successfully, which caused massive BEC in the market to be sold and made BEC value almost zero on that day.

Therefore, smart contract is not a criterion for judging whether an Exchange is decentralized enough or not in blockchain technology. Smart contract tests the preciseness of the platform. Newdex enhances security by not touching user's private key, no system of topping up and withdrawal, and reducing the time that fund is outside.

Unfortunately, Newdex only supports EOS main chain and side chain trading, with fewer users. In order to give global users further understanding of decentralized trading, the platform launched the Newdex Influencer Project on April 20. Current applicants have reached to 200, and the first batch of Influencer only recruits 10 people.
Newdex Influencer event has entered the primary selection stage, and the official team will select based on the application materials. Applicants who meet the requirements will be contacted by the staff. Due to the large number of applicants in the first phase, the official said that they could not contact one by one. If the second phase of recruitment is opened in the future, the applicants who signed up the first phase will be given priority.

Newdex Influencer Introduction:
Newdex Influencer is equivalent to Newdex BP distributed all over the world. The Influencer can be institution or individual, enjoying the benefit (NDX) similar to BP monthly by exercising the functions of communication and promotion.

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