Comfort Keepers of Central New Jersey Is Now Accredited Setting Their In-Home Care Services To The Highest Standards


Comfort Keepers of Central New Jersey is now an accredited in-home care organization, just like hospitals.

The entire goal of being accredited is to make us an even better in-home care organization.”
— Stephanie Howe, Owner


Comfort Keepers of Central New Jersey, serving Robbinsville, Warren, Toms River, and Monroe territories, has gone through and officially completed the accreditation process. Being accredited sets home care organizations apart from their competition by holding their services to the highest standard, just like hospitals.

The main goal of the accreditation process is for home care organizations to prove they provide high quality, safe, reliable, and professional care to the public. Accreditation can be seen as a mark of excellence in the industry.

Just as hospitals become accredited to prove they provide the best care for their patients, Comfort Keepers of Central New Jersey has undergone the same process to instill trust in their clients and potential clients that they have the same high level of care standards.

“The entire goal of being accredited is to make us an even better in-home care organization,” Owner, Stephanie Howe, said. “The entire process has truly been valuable and educational for us all.”

The process takes roughly 18 months to complete, during which your organization is evaluated thoroughly and given benchmark standards to meet. The standard procedures of accreditation include support, self-analysis, advice, and independent oversight. The process as a whole is an excellent opportunity for organizations to delve deep into their company practices to ensure their procedures are of the highest quality.

“This process allowed our team to reflect on our policies and procedures and learn how to provide top-notch services compassionately better,” Howe said. “We will continue to strive to provide the highest quality standard of services for our clients even long after the accreditation process has been completed.”

Officially being an accredited home care organization gives Comfort Keepers of Central New Jersey the formal mark of excellence, credibility, and high level of trust that families seeking in-home care services need to feel confident in choosing a quality home care provider.

About Comfort Keepers Central New Jersey:

Comfort Keepers of Central NJ is a leading provider of in-home care and at home senior care services. Our expert caregivers provide customized care plans crafted to the individual recovery needs and daily living requirements for clients throughout Central New Jersey. These services focus on elevating the human spirit with meaningful companion care that accentuates independent living. The primary care services that our experienced caregivers - called Comfort Keepers - provide may include personal care, long term care, 24/7 around-the-clock care, and companionship care. We help older adults of retirement age and beyond, as well as other adults, live an independent, quality life in the safety and comfort of their home. Family members don't need to consider assisted living facilities, independent living communities or nursing homes, as their senior loved one can receive the personal care at home.

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