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Ondine Biomedical Inc. CEO Recognized with YWCA Women of Distinction Award

Ondine Biomedical Inc.’s CEO and Chairman, Carolyn Cross, received the 2019 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation category

Vancouver, BC, May 14, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Vancouver BC (May 14, 2019) - Ondine Biomedical Inc.’s CEO and Chairman, Carolyn Cross, received the 2019 YWCA Women of Distinction Award in the Entrepreneurship & Innovation category. The award recognizes Carolyn Cross’s efforts to advance Ondine’s first-of-kind, life-saving infection control technology. Called Photodisinfection, this patented light-activated antimicrobial therapy for use in humans kills bacteria, viruses, and fungi—including superbugs—of all kinds, in minutes without the use of antibiotics.

Ondine’s Photodisinfection directly targets the global threat of multidrug resistance. Identified by the World Health Organization as one of the top five human health crises, multidrug-resistant infections are forecasted to cause a staggering 10 million deaths and US$100 trillion economic impact annually by 2050: more than cancer, diabetes, cholera and measles combined.


Ondine’s flagship nasal Photodisinfection eradicates a broad spectrum of infection-causing pathogens that reside in the noses of patients and caregivers and are easily transmitted from there to wounds, surgical sites, hospital surfaces, and other patients. In four minutes of treatment, it decolonizes nasal pathogens, including drug-resistant bacteria (i.e. MRSA, MSSA), viruses, and fungi (i.e. aspergillus, Candida auris).

Deployed at leading Canadian hospitals for several years, it has helped prevent hundreds of post-surgical infections and saved the facilities millions of dollars annually by avoiding costly infections. A recent abstract was published which found that the impact on post spine surgery infections at Vancouver General Hospital over a period of eight years was significant. The results showed a 78% reduction in surgical site infection rate and found one infection was prevented for every 18 patients treated. Annually $4.24 million was saved and notably no adverse events were reported. As a result, nasal Photodisinfection is being recommended for routine use in all spine surgeries in Canada.

About Ondine Biomedical Inc.
Ondine Biomedical Inc. is a Vancouver based company dedicated to the development of non-antibiotic treatment and prevention therapies for a broad-spectrum of bacterial, viral and fungal infections. Ondine’s antimicrobial program utilizes a platform technology called Photodisinfection, a light-activated approach for use in humans developed to provide rapid antimicrobial efficacy without elevating risk of resistance.  In addition to Ondine’s nasal Photodisinfection therapy, other applications of the Photodisinfection platform are under development, including treatment of chronic rhinosinusitis, treatment of burns and wounds, and disinfection of endotracheal tubes to reduce the incidence of ventilator-associated pneumonia.

Angelika Vance
Ondine Biomedical Inc.