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Licensed Professional Counselor Jay Brandenburg-Nau Explains the Benefits of Counseling Psychology

Jay Brandenburg-Nau

Jay Brandenburg-Nau

LITTLETON, COLORADO, USA, May 13, 2019 / -- Jay Brandenburg-Nau has helped people in his community achieve peace of mind and overcome everyday obstacles through fellowship and counseling. As a licensed professional, he shares the benefits of counseling psychology and encourages people to seek out help from qualified professionals in their area.

Jay Brandenburg-Nau was only seven when he discovered an interest in becoming a therapist while listening to a mental health radio segment. His passion to help others struggling in their lives led him to a position as a youth pastor where he worked alongside kids and teens in his community for a decade. Eventually, he set his sights on larger goals and earned a Master’s Degree in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Denver Seminary in 2010. This degree allowed him to practice counseling psychology professionally and extend his reach to even more community members.

“Through counseling psychology, I can walk alongside men, women, and couples in places of brokenness and help them work towards wholeness,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “I journey with others to help them achieve a greater capacity to know and be known.”

Since he earned his Master’s Degree, Jay has pastored at large churches in busy cities like Chicago and Austin, and has worked extensively in clinical settings as well as private practices. His approach to happiness and wholesome living has helped countless individuals find peace and fulfillment in their lives without the need for extensive therapy or prescription medications.

Counseling psychology is a general practice within professional psychology that focuses on an individual’s personal function and their relationships with others. It addresses lifestyle elements such as emotional, social, and physical well-being as well as work, school, aspirations and other typical life stresses. Clients who struggle in their families, professional environments, and in their own personal lives work with counseling psychologists like Jay Brandenburg-Nau to alleviate stress and resolve crises. Through the process of counseling, patients learn more about themselves and their circumstances so that overcoming recurring obstacles is easier in the future.

“People go through many fleeting life stages that each come with their own unique battles,” says Jay Brandenburg-Nau. “Too many people suffer without understanding what resources are available to them.”

It’s common for people to feel adult life is overwhelmingly stressful, and most aren’t sure where to turn to for answers. Whether they suffer from stress, poor relationships, career problems, dissatisfaction, depression, or anxiety, citizens have the convenience of group or individual counseling in cities across the country.

Jay Brandenburg-Nau and other counseling psychologists listen to patients’ concerns and give them techniques and new habits to manage their stress and improve their overall function. They will likely administer tests and ask a range of questions to fully comprehend each client’s individual circumstance before suggesting various treatments. By hearing out their issues and sharing their own professional insight into personal development, counseling psychologists help restore people to their most confident and happiest selves without the use of medication.

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