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Gabriel Btesh highlights national benefits of improved well-being

Construction company owner Gabriel Btesh offers a closer look at his commitment to improved well-being and its effect on the people of Panama.

PANAMA CITY, PANAMA, USA, May 7, 2019 / -- Defined as the state of being happy, healthy, and prosperous, feelings of well-being boast not just personal benefits, but benefits capable of affecting an entire nation, according to Gabriel Btesh. A construction company owner from Panama City, Btesh offers a personal insight into his commitment to increasing feelings of well-being and standards of living throughout the Central and South American Republic of Panama.

"Regularly exercising, socializing, and demonstrating creativity have all been shown to foster improved standards of both physical and mental well-being," explains Btesh, owner and head of the successful construction business originally founded by his father.

Well-being, says the construction industry expert, is often closely tied to an individual or family's immediate, surrounding environment, including their living space. "That's why," Btesh reveals, "I've focused on growing a business wherein which we're able to dedicate ourselves to improving standards of living and well-being, and in a manner which remains cost-effective for all involved."

Through his company's residential construction efforts, Gabriel Btesh says he and his team are today able to afford unbeatable standards of architectural integrity and new levels of luxury to families and individuals across Panama.

"Focused on exercising, socializing, and demonstrating creativity, health and wellness-specific facilities now routinely included in our residential projects extend to gyms, social areas, and creative spaces," reveals Btesh, "specially designed and intended to be enjoyed by those who live there, plus their friends and families."

The industry expert and family man also highlights how his firm has created upwards of 10,000 valuable construction sector jobs in Panama in recent years alone. "Supporting enhanced economic stability, where individuals have successful, skilled jobs, they also have funds to spend," he explains.

"Then, when these hard-working women and men spend their money, affording themselves a great standard of living and boosting well-being, they're also putting their money back into the country's economy," reveals Btesh. Here, he says, these funds then circulate in a positive, accumulative manner nationwide, helping to support better standards of living and improved well-being throughout the country.

"Ultimately, it's about making the country an incredible place to both live and work," adds Gabriel Btesh, wrapping up, "while also creating something of a legacy for both my family and for Panama as a nation, and as a whole."

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