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8 Social Media Marketing Tips for Getting Efficient Ads for Your Law Firm

Social Media has become an addiction these days, so it's a great way to market.”
— Mary Ann Fasanella, CEO ACE


Social media has become an addiction. More and more people are creating accounts and following pages, businesses, and celebrities. To successfully get new clients as well as follow up business, certain businesses, like law firms, need to focus on specific social media marketing strategies, like posting their ads on the right platforms, in order to gain the right types of potential clients.

Using Social Media Ads Efficiently in Legal Marketing

Social media has become an addiction. We have our mobile device in hand and check our social media platforms at least five times a day, for personal and business reasons. The main reason we use social media is to check up on friends and family. It’s also used to do product/service research (e.g., a friend needing a lawyer). It is our lifeline to what is trending now. So, it makes sense to use social media as a marketing tool and set up to be a core part of your digital marketing plan when searching for target clients for your legal services. But which ones are worth using in your law firm's marketing efforts and how can they be used to get the attention your law firm deserves?

The major social platforms are Snapchat, Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook Messenger, Twitter, and LinkedIn. Each one has a specific purpose and all of them can provide what you need in terms of internet marketing techniques for the legal industry. For example, Instagram is for sharing images, and Facebook is for social networking.

For an effective marketing plan that generates high-quality leads and new business, depending on your target audience, your law practice areas, and your own social media experience, you should choose at least three of these platforms. Make sure you choose the ones that match your brand and targets the demographics you are going after. In the world of online marketing and social media management getting people's’ attention comes down to content, and for businesses it’s ads. I know you see ads everywhere these days – print, referral sources and electronic Pay-Per-Click (PPC). However, in terms of social media ROI, we want to see results – and paid ads like Facebook Ads deliver.

Because LinkedIn targets business professionals your law firm should have an optimized company page on it. No matter if you run a big law firm or a small firm, your online presence is enhanced by a LinkedIn company page.

Create the Perfect Social Media Ad

The goal of a social media ad is to gain real followers, clicks, phone calls, prospective clients, and website traffic for your law office all by connecting to your audience. If people in your target market find your ads annoying, they aren’t doing their job. And these followers can significantly improve your brand by mentioning it in their posts, creating a referral network on some of the highest trafficked websites throughout the entire internet. And when your brand is mentioned in a post, it’s another way of increasing your SEO. So, how do you create one that produces measurable results? Here are some marketing ideas that will help.

Value – Let’s face it; people want something in return for their loyalty. The number one thing any ad must contain - be it PPC ads on Google AdWords, paid ads on Bing, or Twitter Ads - is information people want, such as tips on filing a Chapter 7 bankruptcy or a video on how to file a personal injury claim.

Authentic – Peoples’ radar for fake news has gotten sharper in the past few years. If they find a trustworthy source, they will share it. Small law firms really make a mark online through their authenticity on social media, especially if they serve a specific niche such as real estate contracts or estate planning. Your target audience also wants to see or read about someone who is genuine. This is easily done with storytelling. If a person talks about what happened to him or her and the outcome, it carries more weight than attorney talking about a recent case. Past clients and their testimonials can be very helpful with this.

Available – People love it when they get a response (a genuine response) from a post, especially if it’s from someone they admire. This is key for companies striving to improve their brand. If you reply to a person’s question, it will most likely be shared. Thus, you’ll expand your market reach.

Listen – This piggybacks on to availability. People are more likely to use a product or service after interacting with marketing content. You need to “listen” to what users are saying on social media to understand their buying behaviors.

Images – People love images! Using images on Twitter, although traditional text will increase your ROI. And you can share the ad on Twitter without leaving the platform.

Contests – Entice people to buy a product in order to win a bigger one. Don’t forget to regularly promote the contest during the campaign.

Blend – When creating paid content, it’s well worth it to blend it into walls, feeds, and timelines. The ad should feel organic to the user. Oh, and don’t post the ad too frequently; this will annoy users.

Transfer – The majority of social media is viewed from cell phones. The ad should easily connect to landing pages on a law firm website. This is where the user has considered your product or service and wants to know more. Thus, being able to get to the landing page on your firm's website quickly is crucial in moving from consideration in your social marketing funnel to transaction.

Social media is the new frontier in display advertising. Yet, it does use some of the methods from traditional advertising, such as testing and changing the creative. And putting an ad on social media platforms is a faster way to get sales than content marketing in the form of blogs since social media ads do not rely on SEO and backlinks to work effectively.

If your social media advertisement isn’t producing the results you were expecting, go back to the drawing board. Change the social media ad format. There are several ad formats on each platform (i.e., Facebook). You can tweak the ad by replacing some text (e.g., keywords) or an image. Also, think about changing the number of times you post on a particular platform.

Getting your Social Media Ad Right

At ACE, we are a full-service marketing agency and provide a full range of law firm marketing services, including social media ads, digital marketing campaigns, web design, email marketing online reputation, online reviews management, and new content marketing. We are a digital marketing company with proven know-how, successful client case studies and potent lead generation results and positive reviews that show we can put together an attorney marketing plan that utilizes cutting edge digital marketing strategy that is tailored for your law firm needs and focused on return on investment. Contact us today at our direct phone number (610) 510-2167 for a free consultation. And stay top-of-mind with all of the legal marketing industry news by signing up for our email newsletter.

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