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Max Hawthorne’s KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN 2 Makes for One Terrifying Beach Read

Kraken 2 Cover

Amazon Bestselling Author Plans on Keeping Readers Out of the Water This Summer

BUCKINGHAM, PA, US, April 16, 2019 / -- Two-time Book of the Year/People’s Choice Award winner Max Hawthorne, author of the popular KRONOS RISING series of action-adventure/thrillers, says his latest novel, KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN vol. 2 (Far From The Tree Press, LLC) is set to make waves – the kind with a little pee in them. “The appeal of a good beach read,” Hawthorne confided during a recent interview, “Is that it makes you wonder what might be out there, hidden beneath the surface and lurking just beyond the breakers . . . or maybe even closer. It’s what makes the sub-genre of horror known as ‘marine terror’ so thrilling, and helped make Peter Benchley’s immortal classic ‘JAWS’, and the record-breaking Spielberg film that followed, the stuff of legend.”

When asked what makes so many people inherently afraid of the sea (a phenomena known as Thalassophobia), Hawthorne replied, “We humans are terrestrial creatures. Out in the water and bereft of technology, we’re clumsy and almost defenseless. Speed-wise, we’re veritable snails. Even the fastest Olympic swimmers are slower than a sting ray or sea turtle. And, let’s face facts, legends of man-eating monsters exist for a reason. Whether we’re talking sharks, giant squid, or something not yet seen, most legends have a basis in reality.”

Asked for a synopsis of his book, Hawthorne said, “I don’t like to do spoilers. This is the fifth book in the series. In book one (KRONOS RISING), readers were introduced to a gigantic marine reptile known as a pliosaur, arguably, the biggest and deadliest predator of all time. It battled sperm whales, Orcas, submersibles, and even a small ship of mercenaries, and left a swathe of destruction in its wake. The book was a huge hit – so much so that Amazon added it to their Prime Reading List. From there, the challenge was to not just keep the series alive, but to keep it interesting. With the KR: Kraken books, I’m proud to say I’ve managed to do that. There are new and relatable characters, improvements in technology (Kronos Rising: Kraken 1 & 2 take place 30 years in the future), action scenes that will make your head spin, and, of course, even more terrifying beasts. The readers eat them up; or is it vice versa?”

Hawthorne’s legions of fans (they literally call themselves “The Legions of Kronos”) have praised his books for not only providing ultra-realism, but nail-biting suspense that keeps them turning the pages and asking for more. “I had one reader write in her Amazon review that my book was the scariest thing she’s ever read. She said she cleaned her whole house in two days because she would start reading and, when it got too much for her, she’d put the book down and clean something to take her mind off it. Then, after she’d calmed down, she’d go back. It was very flattering,” Hawthorne said. “I don’t set out to scare people, however. I try to tell a gripping story and I guess, based on the subject matter, the fear factor tends to be inherent.”

When the question arose as to just how frightening the new book is, Hawthorne grinned and said, “Well, I did email the manufacturer of a certain brand of adult diapers, asking if they would provide coupons for a free pair to put inside each book. I got the distinct impression they thought I was out of my mind.” He chuckled and added, “Honestly, I don’t think my novels are any scarier than, say, popular movies in my genre. But I have upped the ante in this last book. Besides the Kraken, which is horrifying in its own right, Captain Natalya Dragunova, one of my protagonists, leads an armed landing party onto the shores of Diablo Caldera, the Cretaceous-era island where the series’ pliosaurs originated. No spoilers, but let’s just say that Natalya and her team soon discover that, on Diablo, even dry land isn’t safe.”

Note: Max’s publishers are giving away FREE excerpts from KRONOS RISING: KRAKEN (vol. 2).

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