Is it our civic and moral duty to educate people about the effects of drugs?

Dr. Orlando Barker, Washington, D.C. Prevention Center, emphasizes the dangers of drugs through real life stories.

Today’s marijuana is many times stronger that that of 1960s creating a lack of awareness of the dangers.

Drug education is not something nice to do but is the responsibility of all citizens.”
— Rev. Susan Taylor

WASHINGTON, DC, USA, April 10, 2019 / -- As Drug abuse statistics have soared around the country and across all demographics, even young children ask what to do about their parents taking drugs.

Speaking at a Foundation for a Drug-Free World education seminar, Dr. Orlando Barker of the Washington, DC Prevention Center, emphasized the dangers by addressing the issue directly with real life stories which painted an alarming picture. “Synthetic drugs can make someone catatonic or become very aggressive due to paranoia and hallucinations. We must realize that we are undergoing a K2 synthetic cannabinoid epidemic that is often intertwined as many overdose victims have been found to be multiple drug users."

Joining Dr. Barker as a presenter at the seminar hosted by the Founding Church of Scientology in Washington, D.C., Ms. Thalia Ghiglia, who has a bachelor of science degree from Yale University in Molecular Biochemistry and Biophysics agreed saying, “Awareness in some areas is coming up but the general population still has no idea what synthetic drugs are, from K2 to synthetic opioids like fentanyl and carfentanil. We’re working to change that because the lack of awareness today could cost someone their life.”

Ms. Ghiglia also brought attention to modern marijuana emphasizing that it is not well known that today’s marijuana is not the same as marijuana grown in the 60’s and 70’s. “Back then,” she said, “there was only 1-3% THC (tetrahydrocannabinol, the chemical responsible for most of marijuana's psychological effects) in marijuana plants. Now, however, plants contain up to 20% THC. This is a big jump and compounded with high potency marijuana preparations it can be up to 70-90% THC. Young people are especially at risk because their brains are still developing. We are facing a public health crisis of major proportions and more education is needed.”

Helping to bring more understanding to the dangers of these substances, Ms. Ghiglia walked the seminar attendees through the details about these drugs, their chemistry, their similarities and differences, and why they are so devastating.

“What can adults and youth alike do to help themselves and others?” asked Rev. Susan Taylor, faith liaison for the Foundation for a Drug-Free World. “Education is key and the Drug-Free World’s Truth about Drugs program can be a life changing tool. The program has several educational components in 17 languages composed of 14 different drug booklets, documentaries on each of the drugs, 17 short public service announcements and a teacher’s guide.”

Detailing how anyone could take the materials and help their loved ones, families, friends and community, Rev. Taylor stressed that individuals who are more informed and understand the specific dangers behind drugs will tend to make better choices resulting in drug usage rates going down.

Ms. Taylor concluded by emphatically stating, “Drug education is not something nice to do but is the responsibility of all citizens. We all teach our children not to dive under the kitchen sink and drink Clorox and other harmful cleaners. Drugs are essentially poisons. It is our civic and moral duty to educate.”

The Foundation for a Drug-Free World is a non-profit based out of Los Angeles, supported by the Church of Scientology, that focuses on grassroots level drug prevention and education and provides high quality materials to health counselors, teachers, sheriff's departments and police, all over the world. Through the Foundation and its volunteers and partners, more than 62 million of the Foundation's educational booklets have been distributed, tens of thousands of drug awareness events have been held, and the Foundation's public service announcements have reached more than 260 million viewers in 123 countries. Details of the program can be seen on

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