Vincit and MODe Swap CEOs

Tammo Walter (left) and Ville Houttu (right) swapped positions.

ORANGE COUNTY, CA, USA, April 1, 2019 / -- The two Californian companies made an unusual switch today. Irvine based software and design agency, Vincit California, and Costa Mesa based natural sports nutrition brand, MODe, have decided to swap their CEOs.

The initiative was driven by the companies' mutual interest to stay away from funnel executive thinking, supported by one of the CEO’s son’s opinion of software being “more rad” than working for a high adrenaline sports brand.

“I am excited to start as the new CEO of Vincit,” says Tammo Walter, prior CEO of MODe. “I don’t really know anything about custom software and digital design, but I have understood the organization is very lean and the staff is self-sufficient. My job should be as easy as playing AI with rubber ducks.”

“First I hesitated jumping into the role mainly because I don’t really know anything about the science behind natural sports nutrition products,” says Ville Houttu, prior Vincit California CEO. “But I do like drinking, and MODe’s Hydration drink mix is known to be the best."

Both leaders currently reside in California but they have European roots. Mr. Walter, being German, knows a thing or two about discipline and paying attention to details. “I’m confident that all Vincit employees will take the new dress code well,” comments Mr. Walter about his plans on creating a policy requesting employees to wear lederhosen during office hours.

Vincit employees take the news with mixed expectations. “Sometimes it is good to wear thick pants when coding. The time will tell whether these lederhosen are thick enough,” says Mikko Salokangas, Head of Development at Vincit.“ Software developer Jessica Wang feels slightly more optimistic. “I have always liked Bavarian clothing,” she says. “In fact, I’m happy with any dress code as long as the new CEO doesn’t play as much country music at the office as the previous CEO did.”

Mr. Houttu is originally from Finland - the happiest country in the world. Finland is also known for its high number of saunas per capita. Houttu has made the connection and is currently building a sauna where the MODe warehouse used to be. “The sauna will not only increase employee happiness but also productivity,” explains Mr. Houttu of his plans on having the warehouse workers shipping products while in the sauna.

MODe’s wide spectrum of elite athletes, ranging from Olympians to weekend warriors, seem to take the change with moderate excitement. “I don’t really care who’s in charge as long as he or she is a slower cyclist than I am,” says TJ Eller, MODe cycling team captain.

Despite their European accents, the two executives are known to be captivating speakers. “It is important that our employees listen carefully to what we say,” explains Mr. Walter. “It is not that our message is important, but otherwise they would not understand what we are saying."

Mr. Houttu completely agrees with his successor. “Accents can be confusing, but I am glad that at least we both understand ourselves most of the time,” he adds.

Both CEO’s start in their positions on April 1st 2019, which also happens to be April fools day.

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