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Tracey Chew of TLC Mindfulness Mentor to be Featured on CUTV News Radio

SAN JOSE, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, March 25, 2019 / -- Yes, leaders have responsibilities: money to raise, deadlines to meet, payroll to make; that doesn't mean you forget to breathe. It doesn't mean you forget that you have a body that needs rest. Leaders need to take care of ourselves to access the creativity and wisdom that made us leaders in the first place. Mindfulness helps leaders choose how to respond instead of automatically reacting to life’s challenges. Meditation changes our brains to be more resilient to stress and better problem solvers.

Tracey Chew has dedicated her life to serving others. Previously a nonprofit executive and Peace Corp volunteer, today Tracey is the founder of TLC Mindfulness Mentor, a coaching practice that teaches mindfulness and meditation to leaders. Meditation is just as important for our mental, emotional and physical health as diet, exercise and sleep. The quality of our day and our work diminishes if we are missing any of these 4 ingredients.

“Mindfulness and meditation saved my life,” says Tracey. “They’ve helped manage my thinking so I could manage my stress and heal from chronic sickness. They make me more intuitive, more proactive, more productive, healthier and happier. Mindfulness and meditation make life easier and help me be the best that I can be. That’s the message that I want to give out to the world.” But the benefits occur only with consistent daily practice, like learning to play a musical instrument, I improve with time and effort.

Many of us live under a false belief that we need our stress to be effective and proactive, but we are actually not our best self when we’re under stress. Tracey helps her clients destress and access wisdom in order to make important life choices for themselves.

“What I realized in my journey was that my mind was actually the cause and the cure,” says Tracey. “Once I learned to question my thinking and use meditation as a tool to calm down my thinking and get in tune with my body, my life really started to change, and the healing began.”

According to Tracey, our journey is to recognize we have three wonderful things to guide us to a fulfilling life: our mind, our body and our heart. The heart is more than just an organ that pumps blood. It has its own intelligence that guides our actions with wisdom if we listen to it. Mindfulness helps us pay attention and listen.

“We’ve got to lead from the heart,” says Tracey. “When we access our heart wisdom, we access our love, our strength and the solutions flow.”

Mindfulness and meditation are proven to help increase kindness and compassion in the brain. That’s why Tracey says she loves to coach people in the workforce. That's where we spend most of our time and energy and that's where we generate most of our stress.

“I'm all about promoting positive relationships, positive thinking, positive experiences, positive communication. I'm here to increase positive energy on the planet. If I can cultivate that in myself, I can help others.”

CUTV News Radio will feature Tracey Chew in an interview with Jim Masters on March 27th at 1pm EST.

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