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Developing Better Athletes through Optometry

ANDERSON, S.C., March 24, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- There's a new game in town called Sports Vision EyeQ, by RightEye. It is a comprehensive way to measure, analyze, and correct eye movements, giving vision that goes beyond 20/20. Family Vision optometrists in Anderson and Clemson SC, now provide Sports Vision EyeQ eye-tracking technology.

Watch Out!

Vision is inarguably our most important sense: It is responsible for 80% of all our learning, and 20/20 is the number most of us know. But imagine you're an MLB batter. The ball is coming straight at you at 100 mph. You have 0.3 seconds to assess speed, distance, direction so that you can determine just the right time to swing and hit. Just as athletes train their bodies for peak performance, they must also train their eyes.

A comprehensive eye exam that includes tracking technology can determine eye muscle and movement weaknesses, and prescribe home exercises to strengthen them. At follow-up visits, patients are re-tested to document their progress. An appointment can be scheduled on Family Vision’s website.

Who Can Benefit? 

90 million Americans of all ages are devoted to at least one sport. Family Vision optometry practice accommodates high school and college athletes, as well as adults who participate in golf and tennis. Participation in sports brings injuries, and concussions have been in recent news. Concussions cause visual disturbances that can be analyzed by Sports Vision EyeQ. 

Doctor Dirk Graves says “Sports Vision EyeQ allows us to analyze the functional capacity of the patient’s eyes in a way that hasn’t been possible before. This allows us to pinpoint areas of improvement, and enhance the athlete’s performance.”

This technology has the word "sports" in it, but it can benefit the general population. It can identify visual problems in children that could lead to reading/learning disabilities. And since digital devices are now used by those aged 18 months and up, eye strain is a pervasive problem that can be tracked and improved.

The doctors at Family Vision in Anderson and Clemson SC offer a wide array of services outside of Sports Vision EyeQ. These include free Lasik screenings, urgent care for the eyes, comprehensive eye care exams, contact lenses, and high-fashion eyewear. They are committed to providing high-quality eye care to all of their patients and want to improve the performance of athletes looking to gain that extra edge over the competition. Call Family Vision in Clemson at 864-722-9205 or Anderson at (864)-226-6041 to learn more.