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Marine Terror Author Max Hawthorne Unveils "JAWS"-dropping New Website

Author Max Hawthorne at the American Museum of Natural History, in NYC

Award-winning novelist bucks the typical and opts for a “vintage” look for his brand-new, state-of-the-art site.

NEW HOPE, PA, US, March 5, 2019 / -- Award-winning novelist bucks the typical and opts for a “vintage” look for his brand-new, state-of-the-art site.

Author Max Hawthorne, known as the “Prince of Paleo-Fiction” for his Kronos Rising series of sci-fi/thrillers, which feature prehistoric life roaming free in today’s seas, unveiled a surprising new look to his website – one designed to showcase his bestselling novels.

“I wanted a timeless classic feel to the site,” Hawthorne said during a recent interview with Dr. Melissa Caudle, author of "The Keystroke Killer". “My genre is action-adventure and suspense-thrillers, with a bit of horror thrown in. Because it features extinct sea creatures wreaking havoc in the present, it’s also called marine terror or ‘paleo-fiction’. I suppose that’s what inspired a reader to coin the hashtag #JawsMeetsJurassicPark nearly five years ago, in reference to my first novel, Kronos Rising.”

“When it came to the site, I had something very specific in mind,” Hawthorne continued, “With all the sea monster books and movies out there, all you see is violence and gore, with ‘in-your-face’ themes and colors. It’s everywhere: on book covers, movies posters, and websites. I think people get tired of all the fangs and blood after a while. I wanted a site that would touch a chord with readers. Something that indicates the quality of the books you’re getting is more than just your typical ‘monster on the loose’ story. I think Adil, my designer, truly accomplished that.”

Under his direction, Hawthorne ’s talented web builder chose subdued colors, dark umbers and golds, which give off a feeling like old wood or parchment, and allow his vibrant book covers to really pop. “The site is a true work of art, and I couldn’t be more pleased with it,” he stated. “We selected some amazing background imagery, some of which dates back to the Renaissance, yet stayed with the theme of man at sea, and the fear and powerlessness that comes in the face of nature and the unknown. There’s a ‘Paleo Gallery’ for artwork featuring prehistoric life, and another for free books, where readers can download complimentary excerpts from the novels. In fact, if they have a Kindle Unlimited subscription with Amazon, they can read many of the books for free.”

When asked by Dr. Caudle who his target audience was and why, Hawthorne replied, “My ideal reader is anyone who enjoys a good adrenaline-pumping, bite-your-nails kind of read. If you’re a fan of Michael Crichton’s Jurassic Park books, naturally, my work is tailor-made for you. But I write for everyone, not just thriller/horror aficionados. The spotlight in Kronos Rising is shared between two principal protagonists, Jake Braddock and Amara Takagi. Jake and Amara are unique. They’re relatable and inspirational, but they’re also damaged physically and/or spiritually. And it’s their struggles to overcome not only the many antagonists they face, but their inner demons as well, that appeals to a far larger audience. I was privileged to have retired sci-fi classic movie star Mara Corday edit my manuscript, and I was touched by her feedback. Despite my genre being a bit of a stretch for her, from the opening scene she was so into the story that she would harass me every other day for the next chapter, so she could get her Kronos Rising ‘fix’.”

Caudle also asked Hawthorne what sets him apart from all the other writers in his genre. “I think it’s a combination of two things,” he said. “The accumulated experiences brought on by my adventurous lifestyle, and the fact that I am innately artistic. Even as a child I could draw, paint, and sculpt. I attended an art college, and my original field was film/animation. For me, the writing process entails converting what I see in my mind into words. Sometimes, it's a challenge. But when it flows, it flows easily and naturally and it’s a blessing, to be able to make people feel like they’re really there, watching a scene unfold. In book reviews, a description of this usually sounds like, ‘I felt like I was watching a movie; I could see it happening in my head’. For me, as an author, there’s no higher form of flattery.”

-Max Hawthorne

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