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From Conference to Community: Introducing Canada’s First Nations Housing Community

THUNDER BAY, Ontario, Feb. 27, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- The First Nations Housing Conference (FNHC) has evolved over its successful, 17-year operation. From its inception in 2003, the FNHC has blossomed into a leading, national event for First Nation housing professionals, Government, and industry leaders. Thirteen representatives (known as the First Nations Housing Working Group) from Tribal Councils across Ontario have dedicated their time and resources to managing and implementing the FNHC in a First Nations-Led Approach. It has been regarded as the country’s most successful First Nations housing event.

National First Nations Housing Community Launch
First Nations gather to launch a new First Nations Housing Community Association.

National First Nations Housing Community Launch
Clarence Meekis, member of the First Nations Housing Working Group, announces the launch of the First Nations Housing Community.

This year, the FNHC is presented by the First Nations Housing (FNH) Community — a new association and an innovation of the First Nations Housing Working Group. The FNH Community is a holistic approach to support First Nation Communities in managing their housing programs and is designed to bridge the gap between First Nations, Government, and industry. This new, community of practice approach, is an evolution of the FNHC and what it represents: A First Nations-Led Approach to housing independence in First Nation Communities. The FNH Community is expected to work in tandem with any and all other First Nation housing organizations, including Government and industry. By learning collaboratively, and leading with a First Nations perspective, the FNH Community will work together to find viable solutions for any and all housing issues faced by Communities.

From occupants, leadership and housing managers to Government agencies and industry leaders, the FNH Community will give each party the chance to discuss challenges, opportunities, and solutions for housing. The goal of the FNH Community is to have everyone working together to empower and educate one another. The core functions of it will include: training and development, community advocacy, expert advice, information sharing, member support and research and communications.

“This is a huge step for the evolution of the Conference and the Working Group that organizes it. From its humble beginnings as a small event in Sioux Lookout to the National Conference it is now, evolving into a national Housing Community is a big deal. The Working Group is committed to working with First Nations, Government and Industry across Canada to create a new First Nation Led Approach to providing viable housing solutions to First Nations Communities,” said Clarence Meekis, a member of the First Nations Housing Working Group and spokesperson for the new association.

During the inaugural year, the First Nations Housing Working Group will seek national representation, by region, to help create the Community. The FNH Community is offering a free 1-year membership to all involved in First Nation housing. To join, or get more information, please visit

For more information, contact:

Bruno D’Angelo, Administrative Support
FNH Community | 807-627-9702

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